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my favorite movie is girl,interrupted. this song plays on an old record player during the scene where a girl hangs herself and there is not a single song that would have been more appropriate than this one-- the lyrics, which seem to communicate the emotions she felt while tying the noose, make her suicide all the more devastating. so many songs attempt to give off a vibe of real, sincere sadness but this one does the best job of it i have ever heard. the piano-played background is gorgeous, the lyrics are even more beautiful and yet so melancholy that the combination of the two creates a strange, apocalyptic kind of beauty that only someone who has lost the love of a lifetime can truly relate to. can you relate? dont they know it's the end of the world? it ended when you said goodbye. this song is devastatingly sad, it makes me wanna cry like i did just lose the best love i'd ever known. That was a very sad scene in girl interrupted,but this song could not have been more appropriate for that moment. so bittersweet and heart wrenching! definitely just about the devastation of a broken heart and what if feels like,like if your world is ending why does no one else notice?? how can they just act like nothing has happened, when you know it has.

Why/How if the pain is so much to bear should she or could she keep on living
you guys are right, this song is so depressing. it was perfect for that suicide scene and the whole movie. There's a poem called Musee Des Beaux Arts by Auden, that has the exact same sentiment. How does the world carry on as if nothing had ever happened when there are disasters, wars and hearts being broken every day? I love the sheer simplicity of 'don't they know its the end of the world, cause you don't love me anymore'. There's no fancy flourish, or an overdone crescendo, just simple, sheer heartache. However, on a lighter side, there may be hope, as it states 'why does my heart go on beating', which could be interpreted as my body is carrying on, my body is surviving, but why? I'd take the fact that your body is surviving, as a sign that your mind is meant to, too. I was thinking more of Funeral Blues by Auden. Its "dismantle the sun; Pour away the ocean" bit reminds me of the opening of the song and the rest is similar too.

It's a fact that this song is about when her dad died. One of the most tragic songs that I have ever heard. This song definitely describes the extreme pain and hopelessness of the loss of somebody you love so deeply. I've definitely felt this way. "I wake up in the morning and I wonder. Why everything's the same as it was. I can't understand, no I can't understand, I listened this alot when i was balancing with my agony. girl,interrupted, LOL, yeah, This was the first time that I can ever remembering this song ever getting stuck in my head all day. Though I have heard it as a child, it stuck when I was this movie. Heart brakes can be the worst pain in the world. Often times it feels as though the world has indeed ended. I don't cry in movies. Heck I don't even cry when I am alone. I'd be a lier if I said this song did not bring some kinds of great sadness to me when I hear it. I relate. I also understand that heart aches do recover. Many times slowly. But its the good times that we need to hold on to. There are always good times in any love Relationship.

Let it be Friends, Family or BF/GF. ext. ~mintorb~ I just downloaded this. I've been in love with this song since I saw the movie. Love the movie too, I just wish it wasnt't so. hollywood. And how on earth could this be about the singers dad, cause it says "Don't they know, it's the end of the world, Cause you don't love me anymore. " It doesn't make any sense. Sounds more like a broken heart to me. Very very beautiful, melancholy song. love it so much. " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " The End of the World " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б" " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б " " Б "

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