why does my whole family hate me

Just like the title says, my family hates me, and I have no idea why. I'm 12 and I'm in year 7. For as long as I can remember, my mum has hated me. My sister is super smart and she skipped grade 1 and got heaps of scholarships and everything. I'm constantly in my sister's shadow and she is constantly reminding me of this. Whenever people come over, all they can talk about is how great my sister is, and it's like I don't even exist! I get good grades as well, but I know that my sister will always be better. I know this, but my mum thinks that every kid is supposed to get straight A's. She thinks that I'm really dumb! My younger brother is in grade 1 and he's getting average grades, but my mum doesn't care. I don't get it! What am I doing wrong. My mum is always yelling for every single little thing, and she thinks that I'm the one causing it! She constantly tells my brother that I'm a horrible sister. The only times I've ever really felt good with my family around was when we go to Brisbane(I live in Melbourne btw) to visit my mum's family. My grandparents and cousins live there and it's super fun since I rarely ever see my mum when we're there.

But most times it's only for one week during the school holidays. I've lived in 4 different houses in my lifetime and have been to 6 different schools. I moved to Brisbane for two years and it was probably the best 2 years of my life. My mum has always pushed me to get good grades and when I do get good grades she just tells me to try harder. Like I'm not already trying my hardest! I hate it living with my family and I plan on moving to America and changing my name to cut all ties with my family when I'm older. But that's ages away and it's so hard everyday living with my family. I have this idea to move to Brisbane to stay with my grandparents, who actually love me, and leave my family behind at the end of the year, but my mum probably won't even let me. I have heaps of friends who live there, but I've lost contact with them and none of my school friends have even been to my house because of my mum. I'm just a normal girl with friends, but my family hates me! I don't know if I should ask to move to Brisbane or just wait till I can move out. Please help me!
We tend to think of our families as the most important part of our lives.

We like to believe that we try our best to please them and try to avoid conflict in any way possible. We see our families as sacred; a lifelong bond which can never be broken. Source: flickr. com Unfortunately, the reality isn't quite so simple. ' Why does my family hate me? ' is a question which is cropping up more and more in psychiatrist offices the world over. In each case, personal circumstances will be different. There is no sole reason why someone's family may take a dislike to them. However, there are a handful of general reasons which can be considered. Why does my family hate me? Did I do something wrong? In most cases, the person who is being shunned is rarely to blame. As heart-breaking as it sounds, parents can develop a dislike for their children through a myriad of factors. Perhaps you have a sibling who is more intelligent or better-behaved than you. Despite what society likes to believe, many parents do, although it rarely results in aggression towards their other children. Source: flickr. com You may have made choices or embarked on a lifestyle which your parents don't approve of.

For some parents, they can see this as a betrayal of their trust, therefore resulting in them showing hostility towards you. Parents are not always the loving creatures we like to think they are. Like everyone else on earth, they are prone to emotional clouding, bad judgments and irrational behavior. Is it all in my head? It is important to look at your circumstances outside of your perceived beliefs. For example, is it just one or two of your family members who you think hate you? Or is it every member of your family? If it's only one or two family members, then it's likely to be nothing more than a. Unlike our friends, we can't choose our family members, meaning we are often stuck with people who we wouldn't otherwise choose to associate with. Source: flickr. com Furthermore, look at how these particular people act towards others. If they are happy to make their dislike for you obvious, then it's highly likely that they treat other people the same way. Try seeing their actions through the eyes of someone impartial; someone without a blood connection clouding their judgment. We like to believe that our families would never treat us the way they treat people un-related to them, but this is never always the case.

With this mind, it can be easy to make the assumption that your family hates you when in actual fact, it's your insecurities being the loudest voices in your head. What can I do? One of the unhealthiest things you can do is to constantly fight for your family's approval of you. This can lead you to become a person you aren't, making yourself unhappy in the process. It is important to learn to live independently of others. You will go through life and not everyone will take kindly to you - this is something everyone has to learn to live with. Your family are flawed characters just like everyone else, therefore, their problems are their own issues which they must learn to deal with. If they can't, then this shouldn't be of concern to you. Source: flickr. com If, however, your situation runs deeper than this, then it is in order to discuss your circumstances. Hostility between family members can be very personal affairs, therefore, it is beneficial to speak to someone about your specific troubles.

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