why does my stomach stick out so much

( by Anonymous Im in my 20's and have this problem where my stomach sticks ou t even though im not overweight (like the first pic). It looks as though im standing with bad posture but im not it happens when i stand up straight. I have to pull my stomach in if i want it to appear flat (like in the second pic) It might not be noticable but my stomach is actually toned I work out so I dont know why i have this problem. I find its worse at the end of the day though, it means i cant wear stuff that other girls wear that show the stomach. Im wondering if its something called hyperlordosis where theres too much curve in the spine but its not something to go to the gp about. It mght not help that im only short im 4ft11 not sure if this has anythin to do with it.

The last pic is from the front as you can see my stomach is quite toned so i dont know what i can do about this. Anyone here have this problem? here is what it looks like
So you have a belly. What type of belly do you have? б Before you can figure out what you need to do about your belly, you need to figure out what your problem is. 1. POOCHY BELLY: You don t have good posture. б How many skinny girls have you seen walking around with their belly hanging out? People would look SO much thinner if they just stood up tall and held their stomach in tight. Lazy posture makes our stomach pooch out, making us look even heavier than we are. The more we practice good posture, the easier it gets to maintain it.

To see if posture is affecting your physique, walk up to the mirror, turn sideways (without looking at the mirror) and maintain your normal posture. Then stand up straight and tighten your tummy. If you see a big difference in the way your stomach looks, then you probably need to work on strengthening your abdominal muscles. 2. POT BELLY: You eat too much. I m not talking about calories here, I m talking about portions. If you eat gynormous portions (which is basically the amount of food you get anywhere you go), that food has to go somewhere. If all those meals stay in your gut for three days (typical digestion time), then think about ALL the food you have eaten in 3 days -no wonder your stomach sticks out. Since your body only can use so much food at one time, reduce portion sizes to the size of your fist.

You can eat more often, but try not to eat so much at one single sitting. 3. FAT BELLY: You eat too many calories. б If you can pinch and inch or more, you are likely just eating too many calories. If you eat more calories than you burn, that food is stored where your body likes to store it. Unfortunately, we can t choose this. Some people store fat on their hips and thighs, while others store it around their midsection (like me! ). The only way to lose this fat is to reduce caloric intake and increase caloric expenditure. You certainly can do crunches, and other abdominal work, to improve core strength and posture, but doing abs will not get rid of the fat. 4.

WEAK BELLY: Your abdominal muscles are weak. б If you find it s work to suck your tummy in or to do a crunch, most likely you need to strengthen those muscles. By strengthening your abs, you are able to support your core and hold your stomach in with ease. б The stronger and tighter your stomach muscles are, the smaller and flatter your tummy will look. Think of strong stomach muscles as a brand new girdle. The stronger and tighter the girdle the smaller you will look all the way around! Although one of the above issues may cause you more problems than another, working on all 4 of these issues can give you ultimate results. б Killer Ab Workout [youtube=http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=kSQXvLjuK3A]

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