why does no one care about me

Consider medication. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication to manage depression, but keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution. Medication alone will not solve your problems, so it is still important to work with a therapist and work on specific concerns. There are many varieties of medication out there, and you may need to try several before you find one that works. Talk to your psychiatrist often about how your new medication is working, and about side effects you've noticed. A combination of medication and therapy may be the most effective treatment, especially for teenagers. Medication alone is typically less effective over the long term.
I just went through an experience that showed me that my radar for care is INACCURATE. And so is yours.

And so is everyone's. I went through a three months' anxiety episode, because I was shocked by my family's reaction to a social incident. I was absolutely certain that they'd turned their back on me. I was CERTAIN, as certain as I was that the sun will rise tomorrow. (Yes, I am a know-it-all who thinks that my social detection skills are SHARP). This is when I started searching for solutions online. I googled "my family does not love me", "I am lonely", "how to regain my self-confidence", and others. I sailed into the sea of this issue. I watched Barbara Streisand's interview where she talked about her childhood and her mom not connecting with her.

I understood her, and I cried. I consider this a lesson on the significance of stability at home -- mental and emotional stability. I'd lost it, and it was a slap!!! And then, suddenly, my parents do something that COMPLETELY negates my proposition that I am worthless to them. Please keep in mind that throughout all these months, my parents were CLUELESS that they'd hurt me. How can they be clueless? I still don't know. To me, it is obvious that anyone would be scarred in this incident. To them, however, they would shrug. And they would shrug not because they don't care.

They would shrug because they wouldn't see this incident as hurtful at all. How do I know that they are clueless? Because when I phoned my father telling him that I wanted to talk to him about something, he thought it was about work. And he came to dinner, and he listened to me, and he still asks me about it: this "work". And when a new engagement party was approaching us in the family, my mother went through the trouble of designing and creating a dress for me. Yes, my mother, who I felt had turned her back on me. -- You know, I am lucky I had minor incidents in those three months that helped me through. My friends knocked some sense into my head and reminded how they think my parents love me.

I had not realised it before, but I was thought to be my father's "favorite"! Can you believe this? I was lucky to have come across 7cupsoftea. It enabled me to breathe, and manage my anxiety. I was lucky. -- I hope, this message proves to be of benefit to anyone going through this whirlpool of the "nobody cares about me" thoughts -- maybe my future-self included. Bottomline? It is AMAZING how inaccurate our care-radar can be. Three months is not a short time to insist on a mis-interpretation of social cues. I am talking about people I live with; day in & day out. Please, ponder this. Thank you

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