why does the kindle fire have a camera

Early incarnations of Amazon's Fire tablet dispensed with the rear-facing camera but times are a changin' and the company has added one here. It's not going to displace the likes of the or when it comes to photography as the results are sub-par. The rear-facing 2MP camera has the bare bones when it comes to features; namely an HDR mode and a Panorama mode. You can alter the exposure settings by tapping on different parts of your subject but the results are negligible. There's no flash and the HD 7 doesn't cope well with low-light situations. Most of the time, the photos are grainy and lack detail. There's also a strong chance your finger will obscure the lens if you're holding the device in landscape mode. As Amazon points out, you can shoot 1080p video with the rear-facing camera but it's hardly going to replace the shooter on your smartphone.

Switch to the VGA front-facing camera and the results are pretty similar. It's acceptable for video chatting and does offer face recognition but the overall detail level is still way below what I'm used to seeing. It's a plus point that Amazon has even decided to add cameras to the tablet, but it certainly isn't the Fire HD 7 strongest feature. Scroll down for some examples of the Amazon Fire HD 7's photographical prowess.
The HD has a front-facing camera thatвs meant to be used for video calls using Skype. But thereвs not an obvious way to use it to take pictures or record personal videos. Hereвs how to find and use the hidden camera app for video, pictures, and even panoramic photos.

Editor Update: This article was written using last year s Kindle Fire HD not the current version and not the HDX. There s a new version of Android and Amazon has changed things around with it s heavily customized forked version of it. The steps will vary for the new versions. We ll be getting an update for the new Fire s soon. First youвll need to install to the Fire HD. There are other apps to find files hidden under Amazonвs customized Android 4. 0, but I find this one to be easy to use and itвs free. Plus you can download it from the Amazon App Store. Launch ES File Explorer and tap AppMgr at the top. On the next screen tap Category. The Select Types windows come up, tap System Apps. This will list all of the Kindle Fire HD system apps.

Select the Camera icon. Now tap Open. The Camera app opens and you can start taking pictures, videos, and panoramic shots. It includes different effects, a zoom dial, and other settings. Hereвs an example of selecting video quality settings в up to 1080p. After you take your picture or video, you can access it from the Photos on your device. Or, connect the tablet to your computer and browse to the DCIM folder then Camera. Taking shots from a from a front facing camera isn t practical, though, and there isn t a way to create a shortcut to the app. Youвll need to go into ES File Explorer each time to access it. Amazon touts the camera is HD quality but hasn t released specifics, but it doesn t look too bad. Here s a quick look at the quality of the camera.

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