why does my male dog hump other male dogs

Humping can be done for many different reasons, could be for dominance, can be a play behavior gone a little strange, some do it out of boredom or even simply for sexual pleasure and some to help with anxiety. If he is not compulsive about it, if it only happens here and there or with certain type of dogs and can be stopped easily, I wouldnt worry about it. Its when the behavior becomes compulsive, happens all the time or is not easy to stop that I start to ask myself more questions. Look at the rest of the dog's behavior, other ways he expresses his feelings, is the dog well stimulated both physically and mentally, is the dog dominant in other social interactions with dogs, is the dog fixed, that sort of thing.
When a male dog has never had sex with a bitch ( ), there may come a moment when its frustration becomes too much.

For this reason, they may feel like practising sex with a male dog is better than nothing. Another important reason is that neutered male dogs will develop a change in their odor. This is the odor which others smell by expressing their anal glands with their nose.

It is believed that some male dogs may mistake a neutered male dog for a female. Just because a doesn't mean it won't still have sex and it can even ejaculate. This means that a dog can get sexually aroused and want to have sex. Dog societies are not restricted by the social mores of we humans. A male dog mounting another male dog does not have any social stigma and it is recognized by other dogs as natural behavior. Dogs are also not monogamous creatures, nor do they have the same sexual constructs as humans.

Engaging in a homosexual practice does not mean that a dog has a sexual orientation. They may have certain preferences or enjoy certain behaviors, but it is all part of a natural and healthy sexual behavior which does not suffer repression. It is also not bound by the same cultural implications as humans. Anyone embarrassed or annoyed by the act of a male dog mounting another male is likely ignorant of animal sexuality.

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