why does body odor smell like onions

The onion smell is a volitile sulfur compound, or several like dimethyl disulfide. This can come directly from your diet i. e. if you eat a lot of onions/garlic, or the sulfur compounds can be produced by bacteria breaking down proteins. Second thing is to make sure you exfoliate (daily) your underarm skin to remove the dead skin layer. Third is to stop the sweating as much as possible, which means a good anti perspirant and zinc supplements (see my other post)
Brom from the underarms is 9/10 likely to be due to bacteria in the underarm, metabolic sources would manifest in breath first.

However if the above is ineffective your problem may be metabolic, maybe liver function, almost certainly bacteria overgrowth. You can test this by taking pepto bismol tablets for a week or so, bismuth binds to sulfur compounds so if the source of your odour is sulfur componunds generated by gut flora, pepto bismol ought to greatly reduce that whilst you're taking it. (not the pepto bismol is only a test, you sholdn't take it long term) hope that helps. A doctor explains what could make you stink like onions. БThere are multiple reasons why a person might smell like onions,Б begins, a board certified family medicine practitioner with Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. БThe first reason (which you have no control over) is genetics.

You could have inherited a propensity to smell a certain way. БAnother reason you could smell like onions is that you have been eating onions Б or other foods like garlic, shallots, etc. , Б that contain volatile sulfurous substances. These substances make their way into the bloodstream and by this route cause our sweat and other body fluids to smell like onions Б especially in the 24-48 hours after eating them.

Б You may not even know youБve recently eaten onions in, for instance, a chicken pot pie. Dr. Boling continues, БEven if you have not been eating onions, body sweat (especially under the arms and in the groin) can smell like onions when sweat is mixed with bacteria on the skin. Б Solutions Dr. Boling explains, БYou can limit this by showering regularly and preventing excessive sweating Б by using an antiperspirant. A less common reason for unusual body odor is illness Б for example kidney or liver disease. Б

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