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Time: 12. 02. 2012
www. theologicalforum. org Updated: 2012-06-10 Our Moral Life in Christ Teachers Answer Guide - Includes. vii introduction to the teachers viii Worksheet Answers. It Really Does Matter Worksheet Answers document sample. FAFSA Information Worksheet NAME:_____ Essential Question: What are the steps to. ANSWER KEY What s the Matter? Tell whether each is a solid, liquid, or gas. Super Teacher Worksheets - www. superteacherworksheets. com Write questions in your notebook, then answer. Define matter in a complete sentence. Name _____ Score _____/53 It Really Does Matter Worksheet 1. List the three basic parts of. Name _____ Score _____/53 It Really Does Matter Worksheet 1. List the three basic parts of an atom, along with their charges Super Teacher Worksheets - www. superteacherworksheets. com. ANSWER KEY Why Does Matter Matter? by Kelly Hashway solids gases liquids.

It Really Does Matter Worksheet Answers document sample. Dear Teacher, Welcome to PEAC online resources. This particular unit of work is for students. Interaction: Making Content Comprehensible for English Language. let other students write down answers while waiting for. 9 Effective teachers wait 20 seconds. New Members: kroberts joined 7 minutes ago. HALLO joined 1 hour ago. jtlandscaping joined 2 hours ago. rabi joined 3 hours ago. sachinarasu joined 4 hours ago. To answer the questions on your worksheet, you will need to visit sites on the. The principles of matter are the same on my. You become really upset. This is the last. answers to really does matter worksheet Ask. com - What s Your Question?. This is the thirdPin a three-part series exploringP Popportunities using digital tools. Rebekah Lonon describes how she uses talking drawings Pto promote academic discussions in her classes and explains how she uses the Educreations digital tool with her students.

My second-grade students enjoy using the talking drawings strategy regularly in all content areas. I always begin by having the class close their eyes and imagine a mental image of a word or concept. Once they open their eyes, they immediately draw the image they made in their minds. This gives me great insight into their prior knowledge of the topic, and it helps me tailor my instruction for the coming unit. I recently used this strategy to introduce a unit about properties of matter, and I learned that my students associated the word matter with something being wrong (Whats the matter? ). I knew then how my unit needed to be planned. When it is available for our use, I like to incorporate a digital tool. In this case, I used Pbecause it provides an online venue for creating related drawings.

Educreations is also available as an app for mobile devices. PAfter their initial drawings,Pstudents independently read a passage, entitled Why Does Matter Matter? by Kelly Hashway (n. d. ) from the website the states of matter and then they discussed their drawings and thoughts with a partner. Next, they returned to Educreations to createPa new drawing, based on their new knowledge. If technology is scarce, students can create their drawings in pairs or small groups, using paper with Crayons or markers. To reflect on what they learn and, as a means of integrating writing with the reading and drawing process, I always ask them to compare their original Pand after reading drawing. In this instance, one partner group exclaimed aloud, Matter DOES matter! as they drew examples of each state of matter. Another partner group continued their reflection process as they wrote in their journals.

PSeeing their developing knowledge when using this strategy is an effective assessment tool for me. View the video to hear Rebekah explain talking drawings using Educreations. Bibliography:P Hashway, K. (n. d. ). Why does matter matter? [PDF]. Retrieved from McConnell, S. (1992/3). Talking drawings: A strategy for assisting learners. Journal of Reading, 36(4), 260-269. Wolsey, T. D. , Wood, K. , Lapp, D. (in press). Conversation, collaboration, and the Common Core: Strategies for learning together. PIRA e-ssentials series: Whats New? Newark, DE :International Reading Association. Wood, K. D. , Taylor, D. B. (2006). P Literacy strategies across the subject areas. (2nd ed. ). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. About the contributors: -grade for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina Karen Wood is a professor at thePUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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