why does my monitor say no input signal

If your computer monitor is displaying the error message "No Input Signal," follow the steps in the sections below. This document is for troubleshooting the "no input signal" message when connecting a monitor to a desktop computer. If you are using a laptop, see our. To connect to a TV, see our page on. Make sure the computer has power. If the computer has turned off, it will not be transmitting a signal and cause the
"no input signal" message. Verify that the monitor is properly connected in the back of the, as well as to the back of the computer. The monitor data cable will connect to the back of your computer using either a
or usually. The pictures below are an example of a VGA cable and the connector on the. If the monitor appears to be connected properly, verify the monitor cable is not loose by disconnecting the cable from the back of the monitor and then reconnect the cable. It's also a good idea to rock the cable back and forth to make sure it's not just loose. When disconnecting the cable, make sure none of the cable's are bent by examining the end of the cable.

If any of the cable's pins are bent or broken, the cable may be defective. It is usually best to replace the cable in this case. Next, disconnect the monitor cable from the back of the computer and then reconnect the cable. When connecting the cable to the computer, ensure the cable connection is tight. With a VGA style connector, like the one shown above, this cable has screws that can be tightened to hold the connector in place. Some computers may have video, as well as an expansion video card. When working with this type of computer, you'll have two different connections for your monitor on the back of your computer. If you see more than one VGA or DVI connector and the monitor is not working, try the other connector. If the connections appear to be correct, either the or the video card is bad. To test what component is bad, either connect a different monitor to your computer or connect your monitor to a different computer.

If another monitor works on your computer, the monitor is bad. If your monitor works on another computer, your video card is bad. to determine if it is the video card. If you believe your video card is bad and your computer has onboard video, the needs to be replaced. You could also instead of replacing the motherboard. Verify your computer is getting past the process and that it is starting up. The No input signal message can sometimes appear if the POST process if failing and the computer cannot start up. If the POST process is failing and the computer is not starting up, it is possible the motherboard could be at fault. A short in the motherboard or a bad capacitor are common causes for a computer motherboard to not pass the POST process. why does my monitor say no input signal everytime i plug into computer please help!!!!! i tried everything!!!! OK, so I'm using HDMI input, i replaced the cables, that's that not the issue.

Everything is connected to the right input. When I turn on my computer it doesn't show anything, the monitor doesn't detect any signal. I even tried to connect my computer to another monitor and it seems to work fine. I even tried to connect the monitor to another device and the monitor seems to work fine. I noticed that when I disable my nvidia geforce gt730 driver, the monitor then decides to work. I even have my driver to the latest update, and still nothing. its just every time I enable the video driver, the monitor image disappears. This computer just has a problem with the monitor I want it to work on, its really frustrating. I even took out cmos battery and put back on, I even took out the ram hoping that might do the trick. But nothing. My computer is the HP Pavilion 550-077c Desktop PC - Intel Core i7-4790 3. 6GHz 12GB. And the monitor im having difficulty connecting it to is, the HP 22cwa 21. 5-inch Display. Thanks any help would be most appreciated.

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