why does my dog chew on me

Nibbling, mouthing and gentle chewing can all be signs of affection in dogs. As puppies, dogs communicate and explore with their mouths. While it can be cute and ultimately harmless when delivered softly by a puppy, it's important to monitor and correct this behavior where necessary.

Left unchecked, your dog could develop a habit for nibbling that is entirely inappropriate when he's fully grown. This habit is particularly common in dogs with soft mouths bred for carrying, such as Labradors and golden retrievers.
Your pooch also could be chewing on your hand as a reaction to stress in his life.

Perhaps he s scared about the loud and persistent sound of your neighbor mowing his lawn. Perhaps he s stressed out because he feels isolated and lonely, or maybe because he doesn t receive enough regular physical fitness. Since this type of chewing can sometimes trigger fierce behavioral patterns in canines, it s crucial to be cautious about it.

Look for problematic body language hints of these behaviors in your pet, such as rigid posture and visible teeth. In many cases, these bites feel markedly different than playful chewing -- significantly sharper and faster.

If you think your doggie s hand chewing is in any way related to these types of patterns, talk to an expert in pet behaviors. Do not under any circumstances try to fix a potentially hazardous situation all by yourself.

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