why does my duramax surge at idle

When I replaced the filter, I should have remembered to fill it with some seafoam and try and unstick anything that might be sticking. I may still do that. Isn't the fuel rail that the fitting is on the pressure side of the pump? I run additive all winter and havent for the last few tanks since it is alot warmer now. I need to get back on some sort of a program.

I did run a Schaeffers diesel additive once this winter cause my rep said I had to try it and I was amazed that I could actually tell a difference in performance and the overall sound of the engine. Not sure if it is related but for some time I have been getting a ping at different speeds. Sounds just like a gasser fuel ping. Not sure if this is related to the FPR or not but I guess it could be.

Of courseall these issues could be from our crappy Illinois fuel
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