why does a man become a womanizer

Why do men become womanizers? Not all men are womanizers. A man looking at a woman (not touching) is normal and just as normal as women admiring a good looking man. Generally it's immaturity that causes a man to be a womanizer. They think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Often womanizers lie to themselves and feel they can have a normal relationship, but find themselves not able to commit. This is because the thought of being 'attached' terrifies them. That would mean having to give up their free, bachelor lifestyle (which really is just a fear of monogamy. ) When men are faced with only being able to sleep with one woman, a siren goes off in their head. Why would I only sleep with one when I could be sleeping with many? Seems pretty stupid to cut off their supply of having many women. Most womanizers like the freedom. Unintelligent men think they can use women like chess pieces and and don't think about the repercussions of their actions regarding hurting the woman's feelings. And since they aren't attached to these women they don't have to think about hurting them. These types of men have never had to face the hurt they place upon certain women in their lives. Or they've been
hurt badly themselves and are acting on that pain. Honest womanizers should admit that they just want to have fun without commitment, but they should let it be known that they have no intention of having a serious relationship from the get go as to not hurt any feelings. Dishonest womanizers lie, cheat and steal to get women into bed and this not only hurts the woman but will hurt the womanizer in the long run.

Youth fades fast and sooner or later a womanizer will realize that superficial sex and short rendezvous will never replace a meaningful relationship or just someone who makes you laugh. In order to be able to spot a womanizer you need to understand what a womanizer is. Put in basic terms it is the word used to describe a man who is looking for a no strings attached sexual relationship with no ties and no consequences. A womanizer will use every trick in the book to get you into bed and as soon as you are out of sight will be doing the same with someone else behind your back and will be cheating on you with any number of women, and the sad thing is, that in the process he will have totally stolen your heart. They are not easy to spot either as many of them operate a charm offensive that would melt the heart of even the hardest stone. Masters of Disguise A womanizer is inherently incapable of keeping a monogamous relationship; his ego is so inflated that he would feel unable to stay true to one woman as he would feel that there are women out there who need a man like him, and he is not going to let them go without. He will appear charming, debonair and have something about him that will just make you go all weak at the knees as soon as he approaches you, he will flatter you, smother you in a waterfall of compliments, all of which is drawing you further and further into his web. Donвt be fooled by the feeling that he arouses in you though, as he is manipulating you and you are playing right into his hands.

Defining a Womanizer There a number of words that immediately spring to mind when asked to define or describe a womanizer; words like charming, attentive, powerful and mysterious are some of the most common. You could of course be a little more descriptive and add words like Casanova, lady-killer and seducer, these descriptions are a little darker, a little more sordid and a lot closer to the truth, unfortunately these words do not convey the utmost sincerity that he uses in his approach to his seduction. Whilst womanizer is a blanket term there are several different types of womanizer that can be identified. The most common of which is the Alpha Male: It doesnвt matter what the situation is where you meet this man, he will make sure that he is positioned in such a way he is looked up to by his peers and worshipped by women. Whilst he may feel like he is a king with control over all that he surveys you can be sure that you will not be treated with the respect deserving of royalty. It is his over whelming confidence that will give you the first inkling that this man should be avoided at all costs. There are a number of signs and giveaways that you can look out for if you feel that you may have got yourself caught up in a relationship with a womanizer. One of the sad things is that women often donвt realize that they are caught up in one of these relationships until it is too late, which is why it is important to know what to look for right from the start.

Pet Names: A serial womanizer will tend to call you by a lot of pet names, things like вsweetieв and вprincessв nothing that could be a derivative of your own name. He uses names like these so that there is no fear of him calling you by the wrong name, therefore getting caught out. Please bear in mind that just because your man calls you by a pet name, this does not mean that he is a womanizer, it is just something that you should be aware of. Mobile Phones: Womanizers in relationships will be incredibly protective of their mobile phones. Even if it has never crossed your mind to take a peek, if you did you would find that he will not keep a record of text messages, everything will be deleted as soon as it has been read, and there will be no trace of the messages that he has sent either. Vanity: All womanizers are inherently vain, the world has to revolve around them, and their inflated ego has them believing that the way that they treat women is totally acceptable. They take a lot of care over their appearance and are generally handsome and well groomed and will take incredible offence to any derogatory remakes made about the way that they look. Trust Your Instincts It is important that you trust your instincts when it comes to your relationships as female intuition is generally pretty accurate. Men have been getting away with treating women this way for generations, and no matter what you may think, if a man doesnвt want to be changed, no amount of love from a good woman is ever going to change him.

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