why does my dog drool all the time

I m really sorry in advance that this is a novel. 5 days ago, my 3y. o M German Shepherd had a sudden onset of vomiting up foam x 2 accompanied by excessive drooling about 3 hours after dropping him off for an overnight stay at a trusted kennel where he has stayed before (who feed him food that we provide). The symptoms subsided that evening, he was fed and happily ate his dinner, and he passed a normal BM the next morning. Shortly after, the symptoms returned and he was taken to our vet by the kennel people where he was given an antiemetic injection. When we picked him up shortly after, he looked distressed (panting, pacing, drooling) and vomited x 1 (strange, almost choking vomit that I have never seen him do before) with the production of a small amount of clear/white foam. On the way home, he finally settled after 10-15minutes of riding in our truck and slept most of the day.

We took him back to the vet that evening because he was still drooling and much quieter than he normally is. They said that his abdomen felt nontender and relaxed and gave us some omaprezole and an additional Cerenia nausea tablet to give to him the next day. We fed him a bland diet which he happily ate that evening but continued to drool. In the last few days he seems to get better throughout the day (increased play, more like himself, less drool) until after he eats. He has no loss of appetite but he starts drooling excessively after he eats his meal. His urine or bowel habits haven t changed and he doesn t seem to be drinking more water than normal. Today, my partner awoke to find his bed soaked from his drool overnight and booked him in to see the vet.

He was sedated and she examined his entire oropharnyx without finding any abnormalities or foreign bodies. She is treating him for gastritis/ulcer with a daily regimen of Cerenia x1, omaprezole x, and a carafate emulsion given an hour before he eats a bland (boiled chicken and rice) diet. If it doesn t clear up over the weekend, she plans to endoscope, X-ray, run bloods and urine on Monday. He has been really drowsy and lathargic since the sedation this AM (now 12hrs ago) which isn t entirely uncommon for him but the drooling has not stopped despite the meds and he is moaning intermittently. He ate a small meal earlier and has had several normal BM s and pee s. He hasn t had any water and I syringed 120mls down his throat because his gum cap refill seemed a bit slow which he seemed to swallow okay.

That looks better now (under 3 secs). Do you think that the treatment plan that the vet has him on described above sounds reasonable? What do you think the likelihood is that he is suffering from something immediately life-threatening? Do you have any other ideas of what could be wrong?
Great hub, Doc! It's very easy for owners to dismiss a dog's drooling because that's what dogs do. The same with excessive scratching or body odor. all dogs scratch and all dogs have doggy odor. The reasons for uncharacteristic drooling can produce some pretty heavy consequences, though, so this hub is a real service to owners. The rabies mention made me cognizant of the fact that we're on a worldwide stage and rabies is a problem in some parts of the world.

Here in the U. S. , because of the legal requirement that dogs, cats and ferrets be immunized against rabies, we don't see it too often. Once every year or two, a rabid skunk, raccoon, or bat will be confirmed locally and the alert will go out to make sure pets are vaccinated. I'm of the belief that a rabid animal is at the terminal stage when symptoms appear, and by the time it has reached the drooling stage, it's just hours away from death, but that they can transmit the disease even before they show symptoms. Is that right? BTW, my ladybug hub is getting a ton of hits now. This is the time of year that the phenomenon occurs. Last year, it generated 340-something dollars for me in about two weeks. This year, though, they're not clicking on the ads. I haven't reached $7 yet, lol.

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