why does my house smell like weed

My bathroom has been smelling like marijuana for the past 2 months or so. No one in my house smokes, I have even asked my sister living in our basement apartment to be sure. I suspected it was the mat, so I threw that out. I have also scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom. I also thought maybe it was just my pregnant nose smelling something far off, but now my husband and my sister smell it too. So whatever it is is getting worse. It's definitely NOT my neighbors because it doesn't smell outside. I'm going to call the plumber and whoever else I need to in the morning, but I am at a loss as to what it could possibly be.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I remember toking in college at 18, was at a friends house 2 hours before his mom got home from work. It was in the spring, he decided he was gonna now the lawn with his riding mower, but first we would get smoked. well it was so strong, the smell went from the deck of his pool into the house, unfreaking real. I told him I was gonna go inside watch TV while he mowed, I could smell it, went back outside to get my friend saw the riding mower on top of a metal gas can as my friend was so high, he had drove over the can got stuck, lol!

So here we are trying to get a riding the gas can out from under a riding mower. so high trying to figure out what yo to, u forgot that I came out to get him about the smell in his house. Well, his mom came home, walked outside where we looked so baked my friend trying to explain to his mom the gas can riding mower situation was hilarious, I broke out laughing she said, who was smoking weed in the house, it stinks in there, haha!

His parents were strict, but not the kind of parents that would flip out. she was pissed but got over it easily, then I had dinner 3 hours later at their house. IMO, I wouldn't smoke too close to the house when outside if any windows are open. Certain kinds of weed carry a power smell so be careful. I know its rough stressful trying to smoke in or around your parents house sneaking around, but that's life, wait until you have children.

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