why does my ear hurt in the morning

Each day while we are awake, when we swallow normally our Eustachian tube opens and closes to allow air into our middle ear. The Eustachian tube is located at the back of the throat and rests in a closed state. It runs from the throat into the middle ear, which is also filled with air. This tube allows the air in our middle ear to equalize with the air from the outside environment. Though it does not happen with each swallow it occurs frequently enough each day to allow for equal pressurization. If we go up into the mountains sometimes we have trouble equalizing our ears, and we need to yawn, chew gum, or use a technique where the jaw is pushed forward and the bottom teeth extend beyond the top teeth while the mouth is open (Val Salva Technique). All of these things help us to equalize our ear pressure. We can have problems when we have a cold. The cold makes it hard for the Eustachian tube to work properly and we may not get enough air exchange in the middle ear, so our ears hurt due to the pressure either negative or positive.

I believe in your case the same thing is happening. That your Eustachian tube is not allowing air exchange with the middle ear during sleep, and a pressure builds up, so by morning this pressure in your middle ear has become painful. Once awake and having your head up right, talking, chewing, swallowing, etc. the eustration tube again is able to equalize the pressure and the pain goes away. There are a few things you can look at. Are you having allergies, which cause you problems at night making you stuffy/effecting your Eustachian tube? You could try a mild decongestent. You could re-evaluate the height of your pillow. They recommend only a small height, and something that aligns the head with the rest of the spine. If you have tried these things and they haven t worked, it is also possible to have deeper sleep problems, which need to be evaluated, so if this continues I would see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. It could be an ear infection as well.

The wetness you feel is probably what they call fluid in the ears. http://www. abchomeopathy. com/listing/18601. html
Go to this website and pick out your symptoms and it will list ways to relieve the pain. And you could also get over the counter ear drops, my husband always has problems with ear pain and the drops always help him. CURED: Hi so I ve had severe ear pain for the last couple years. Every night if i were to lay on the side of my head I d end up with excruciating pain. When laying on my ear, as i d lift my head the pain would shoot to intolerable levels. Then eventually subside. But it was very traumatic. I feared sleeping on my sides. I purchased pillows with holes in them, read through this very blog and couldn t find any solutions. I resolved to just sleeping on my back with my head straight. Recently the pain has completely gone away, and i think it was a result of the following. I had needed a root canal on one side of my mouth and a filling done on an old cavity on the other.

I finally got the procedure done. And right away the pain began gradually disappearing, over a period of a 6-8 weeks the pain has now completely gone away. At first i didn t see the connection, but the timing of the procedure coincides exactly with the improvement. The only other thing i did during this period was removed my cell phone from my nightstand right next to my bed. From 2 feet away from my head, my cell is now 15ft across the room on my dresser. I don t want to move the phone next to my bed to test because i don t want to jinx myself. :) I d recommend anyone with this ear pain to visit a dentist, identify any needed work, and get it done. Your mouth is right next to your ear, so maybe it can be the cause. And try moving your cell phone away from you if you sleep next to it at night. I hope this helps anyone, because i know what you are going through and it is horrible. Best wishes, and if it works please share your report back here for the sake of everyone else!

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