why does my hp laptop screen go white

I thought it may have been a loose ribbon cable - worked on external monitor and like above has some variations in color shading and light stripes at times. At a local shop I started to bust screen apart at the rubber gasket edge (there are no screws on this Pavilion dv6) and loosening some double sided tape, tech came over and clamshelled it open pulling the 4 screws holding in the lcd into a metal frame.

Cable looked fine (I thought I should have tried re connecting but within seconds they brought a new screen out of the back room and put it in and charged me $160 ( the same price as a replacement screen online). It took about 3 minutes - never imagined it being that easy to rip my laptop apart and re assemble without destroying it. All works fine now. Still wondering if the old screen was fine and just cable disconnected - too bad I left it at the shop.
I had the same issue for the last week with my HP Envy 17 (out of warranty for more than a year now): at random moments it started to flicker and at boot I also had a white screen for a minute.

Just opened the laptop, pulled all connectors out of the motherboard and reattached them (see for my laptop, at 5:38 it's the monitor connector), and now everything seems to be working again.

You can try searching on youtube or google how to disassemble your type or laptop, but. If you're not that handy or do not have IT knowledge, it's better to let someone else do this, because you can easily break connectors on the motherboard that can result in a laptop you can't fix any more!

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