why does my ear hurt when i wake up

CURED: Hi so I ve had severe ear pain for the last couple years. Every night if i were to lay on the side of my head I d end up with excruciating pain. When laying on my ear, as i d lift my head the pain would shoot to intolerable levels. Then eventually subside. But it was very traumatic. I feared sleeping on my sides. I purchased pillows with holes in them, read through this very blog and couldn t find any solutions. I resolved to just sleeping on my back with my head straight. Recently the pain has completely gone away, and i think it was a result of the following. I had needed a root canal on one side of my mouth and a filling done on an old cavity on the other.

I finally got the procedure done. And right away the pain began gradually disappearing, over a period of a 6-8 weeks the pain has now completely gone away. At first i didn t see the connection, but the timing of the procedure coincides exactly with the improvement. The only other thing i did during this period was removed my cell phone from my nightstand right next to my bed. From 2 feet away from my head, my cell is now 15ft across the room on my dresser. I don t want to move the phone next to my bed to test because i don t want to jinx myself. :)
I d recommend anyone with this ear pain to visit a dentist, identify any needed work, and get it done.

Your mouth is right next to your ear, so maybe it can be the cause. And try moving your cell phone away from you if you sleep next to it at night. I hope this helps anyone, because i know what you are going through and it is horrible. Best wishes, and if it works please share your report back here for the sake of everyone else! I often wake in the night with one of my ears incredibly sore where I have lain on it - around the cartilege, not the earhole, so I know it's not an infection or anything. It's like the weight of my head pressing my ear into the bed is too much for it!

I've had this on and off for ages and I've bought big squashy pillows and also a 'side sleeper' pillow with a hole for the ear to rest in (which was too small for my ear! ), but neither helped. I end up having to sleep on my back which is uncomfortable for me as I love sleeping curled up on my side. I had a really disturbed sleep last night and my ear is still sore today! I'm thinking about investing in a memory foam pillow, goose feather, v-shaped or possibly a donut-shaped cushion but don't know which would be best? Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

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