why does my breast milk taste salty

Hi, I have a random question that didn't fit into any of the forums, so here goes. My DS is almost 6 months and breastfed (gets a bottle of pumped BM while I am at work). Recently I was wondering if I had a lipase issue so I started tasting my milk. It seems to be fine for 48-72 hours, then goes bad and becomes 'soapy' tasting. However, I noticed that even immediately after I express it, it tastes kind of salty or something? Not the way I expected breastmilk to taste. I've heard breastmilk described as tasting like melted ice cream. Well, mine doesn't!

It doesn't really taste like cow's milk, either. Personally I thought it was kind of yucky tasting, though baby doesn't seem to mind. Since this is freshly expressed milk less than a couple hours old, I don't think it's a lipase issue. Maybe it's just that I don't like or am not used to the taste of warm milk. Is this normal? Is there anything else besides lipase that it could be? Is it possible that my milk contains more salt than it should, considering that I eat a fair amount of salt in my diet? Maybe it's just flavors from things I've eaten getting into the milk (e. g. garlic, onion etc)?

Probably a silly question, thanks for indulging me.
I have successfully weaned my 4-year-old son down to one feeding a day, just before bed time. Sometimes it only lasts 2 minutes, and sometimes close to 20. PLately I have noticed that he stops for water breaks during nursing and often drinks water when he is done nursing. I have asked him why, and he says, "Mommy milk makes me thirsty because it is salty. " I thought it was a little strange, but figured it gave him an excuse to drag out our nursing time.

Over the past 2 days, my eyes have been itchy and goopy--I think I'm coming down with an eye infection. Naturally, I did a search on mothering. com for threads related to eye infections, and I saw that breast milk was the most frequently recommended treatment. So I got out my pump and tried really hard but only managed toPget a few drops, which I poured in my eyes. It was very thick and temporarily blinded me as it ran down my face and a couple of drops found their way onto my lips, so I licked them off.

It was very salty. I thought it might have mixed with my tears, but I decided to taste the last drop in the cup, and it was disgustingly salty. Bleh. I have looked up salty breast milk and found 3 common causes: mastitis, pregnancy, and weaning. I am guessing I have the latter. Apparently breast milk becomes salty as feedings become less frequent. I am assuming it is still safe to drink, but does it still have immune boostingPproperties? Is it going to help my eyes? Does anyone have any insight on this salty weaning milk?

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