why does lactose free milk upset my stomach

Hey, try cutting out wheat! I had the same problem as you a year ago, and I tried cutting out everything with milk in for a week but I still had the same horrible feelings
Then I tried cutting out wheat and gluten in my diet, and after 2 days all the feelings went away. Before I cut it out I had horrible feelings in my stomach everyday and got headaches a lot too. Now I don't eat wheat and I feel so much better! I can actually have a day where I don't feel ill You can get lots of wheat free products too, some are really nice! It may be something totally different, but you never know.

I thought I was lactose intolerent but turns out it was the gluten that was making me ill. good luck I ve always been eating and drinking a lot of dairy products and often had stomach issues. About a month ago I noticed my stool was of better consistency after not drinking milk for a few days, so that struck me as odd. Everything went well until I bought a carton of milk and drank two glasses, I had the sudden urge to go within 30 minutes and it was not of a good consistency anymore. I told my dietitian about this (I am seeing one to help me deal with underweight, my BMI is 16. 4) and she said yes it sounds like you re lactose intolerant and you should drink lactose-free milk and yoghurt to make sure you get enough calcium.

So I was drinking lactose-free milk for about a week or two and everything seemed fine, until the bad stools came back, along with some mild lower stomach cramps and really bad fatigue. Now there s a few things that might have set this off: had a few beers, etc. But it persisted for several days and I noticed it happening right after my lactose-free milk again.

So I stopped drinking it for a week, I was only eating yoghurt and my problems cleared up. I was feeling pretty good today so I picked up another carton of lactose-free milk (btw, it s officially 0,01g lactose per 100ml). Now after a few days with great stool (only once a day always around noon, usually I could go 2-4 times a day) I had one glass of lactose-free milk after dinner and immediately felt my stomach rumbling. the urge to go again, and stool that is not as bad as it gets but not a 100% good either. I don t understand since cheese and yoghurt seem to be fine, so lactose-free milk should be as well.

Is there something else that might make me sensitive to milk? I ve been drinking it all my life and even though I ve always had weight issues and stool issues coming and going, it s been noticably worse these past few months, and it seems like any type of milk is what triggers it. Any ideas what this could be? It s so weird because obviously the milk is triggering something, but I don t understand how I drank lactose-free milk for about two weeks without any issues, for it to be causing issues again now.

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