why does my breath smell like pickles

Okay maybe this can help you a little, my older sister smells like pickles. She stinks, I ve told her plenty of times
1. She is on the thin side 2. She does all that vinigar crap, drinks it and who knows what other stuff 3. She puts mayonnaise in her hair and sometimes raw eggs 4. She s an alcoholic (vodka) is her drink of choice 5. She loves pickles 6. She s into all that weird shit that is per say good for you healthy cleansing bull shit But here s the thing, that s y they have created all these things SPECIFICALLY for your hair, nails, health and everything else ur heart desires 1. I drink teas for everything I love tea. 2.

Skin care hair care and health I do my research and purchase designated products Outcome: not to brag but guys have told my sisters to do whatever I m doing. and they get mad, but one day my younger sister decided to listen to a guy who went ruthless on her. told her take care of yourself clean yourself, he told her I m more embarrassed than u cause I have to tell u, then he talked to me and said I think she will listen to ur advise now Body oder, headaches, water retention, stress, libido, vision, cold, sore throat, bad breath, smelly gas, and so much more it will turn your life around I promise Boiled ginger slices and water and honey n lemon if u want for weight loss and other benefits. oh and also helps your skin We are not 100% sure on why the chewable vitamin C seems to work for some.

Some say it's the acidity in tablet that changes the enviroment thus promoting the growth or only bacteria that can handle it. Some say it's because vitamin C strengthens the immune system and deliver a more powerful punch in whatever the body is already using to fight oral bacteria, like saliva by providing more enzymes and/or increasing saliva flow in general. Few cases were documented, if you will, but it seems so far that taking any other forms of vitamin C, such as pills or drink mixes, doesn't have the same effect.

I think we need more reports to accurately determine this though. There were only like 1 or 2 people who tried it with and without the chewable tablets. So, it's probably best to let the chewable tablets slowly dissolve on your tongue and take I think 4000mg per day? I can't remember. I think that's where most people found relief and it wasn't until after a few days. This is not without side effects of potential tooth decay and in what would to be the rarer cases of canker sores however.

Btw, the first sign of vitamin c overdose is diarrhea, if this occurs then you should taper down a bit although it seems unlikely. Most studies show that it's actually overdose on vitamin c. That's because there's alcohol in it which dries out your mouth. Alcohol = always makes breath worse no matter what cause your bb it seems. That is because that your oral enviroment inhibits the growth of good bacteria and favors the growth of bad. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly why as they could be multiple reasons: gingivitis, cryptic tonsils, pH imbalance, chronic dry mouth, post nasal drip, etc. [/quote]

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