why does my c section scar itch

I have had 2 c-sections and mine still itches and on occasion hurts, is red ect. What I have found that helps if the Bio-oil (I have it up here in Canada, you can get it at Walmart) but I just massage it into my scar and help with the pain (it breaks down the scar tissue, you have to start gently and then massage it harder to break it down) and with the itching, and pain.

I hope this help, I know it can take a while after my first it was still bugging me right up until the day I had my second but it does get better with time. And Shauna unless there is a medical reason there is always hope for a VBAC. Look into it, I did (unfortunatly I did not end up having one for a couple reasons) and if your Dr. isn't willing to let you try find one who is!
Thanks for responding Sarah.

I do believe you're right about the weight gain could have an effect.

I did gain over 50 pounds and lost some and gained again. It fluctuates. I think it is worse during the summer, especially when it's hot and you sweat. I'm a dairy farmer and there's a lot of physical activity. I'll be 48 in October, and when you mentioned the scar tissue and internal organs it does make sense.

When I feel around that area it feels like it is connected in some way. I think someone mentioned to me that there's also the muscle tissue they cut into. Anyways, thanks again for commenting. I appreciate it.

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