why does my internet keep disconnecting on my mac

same problem, however my internet tends only to disconnect upon awakening after an extended period of sleep or after several hours of use. the problem does not occur when i connect to my schools network. i'm not sure whether the problem lies with my airport extreme - it works fine with other computers and registers with a green light even when faulty on my mbp. also, simply turning the airport on and off does not always work for me - at some stages i have had to reset it - still to no avail. connecting the base station to my computer by the ethernet connection does however re-establish the wireless connection on occasion. also, i find after long periods of use my usually full airport connection drops a few bars and the internet slows down. restarting the computer fixes this! anyone got any idea where the problem lies??
The way that Apple integrated Thunderbolt technology was ridiculous, because it interferes with the wifi adapter.

Simply click your wifi icon in the upper-right of the screen.

Go down to and select "open network preferences. " Then click on the Thunderbolt option. Turn off all options for Thunderbolt. Then remove Thunderbolt as an option. You should get a message pop-up which tells you that Thunderbolt is using your connection or adapter.

Just remove it anyway. Once Thunderbolt has been removed, click "apply" and then close it out. Your wifi adapter will not have any more issue staying connected. at least it shouldn't. If you are utilizing Thunderbolt, then I don't have a solution for you. But if you are NOT using Thunderbolt, then simply remove it. I don't plan on using Thunderbolt, so I will be fine. Happy always-on connecting.

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