why does my car cd player skip

If a CD is skipping, first ensure that the disc is working properly by checking to see if it plays on another device. If so, you ll have to uncover the problem in your CD player. Some common problems include: broken parts in the device, physical damage to the CD player, dirt within the player or, most commonly, damage to the lens. Before you do anything with the CD player, it is important to remove the batteries and disconnect the device from any power source. Wait half an hour before you begin cleaning the device. Use a to clean your CD player s lens properly. Unscrew the top cover of the player and locate the laser lens, which is located just adjacent to the central disc drive. Place a small amount of your cleansing solution on a cotton swab or other applicator that came with a lens cleaning kit; as an alternative to lens cleaner, you can also use isopropyl alcohol.

Rub the cotton swab in very light and small circles against the lens until it is clear. Allow the lens to dry, and then proceed to test the CD player. If the CD player is still skipping after the lens has been cleaned, there is likely a hardware problem that needs to be solved. A CD player has a few that may be causing your discs to skip. Unscrew and open the case of the CD player to locate the read head and potentiometer. Depending on the type of device you have, you may need to remove the bottom cover to gain access to the soldered side of the electronics board в if so, you will need to remove the whole board before you can proceed. In single-play designs, you should be able to find 3 or 4 screws that need to be removed to enable you to take out the whole optical deck.

There may also be a grounding contact under the deck held in with one screw. Make sure you replace this exactly as you found it. If your player spins for some time without finding the list of tracks and keeps returning some kind of error message once you place a CD in the player, there is a most likely a problem with the read head. The read head is represented by a small square piece that has a plastic disc sitting on top of it. Using a flathead screwdriver, adjust the plastic disc to realign the read head. This process requires you to plug in the device and hit play and stop until these adjustments fix the CD player. Make sure to put the case back on the CD player each time you test it to avoid any electrical shocks. The potentiometer, which is positioned directly above the laser, may also be misaligned.

Usually this is represented by a small square piece that has a plastic disk on top. The disk has a slot adjustable using a small flat head screwdriver. Before making any adjustments, mark the current position of the potentiometer using an indelible marker pen so that it can be returned to its initial position if need arises. You will need to gently adjust the potentiometer and locate the position where the CD player recognizes the disk again and plays it without skipping. Since this is more of a trial and error process, small rotations of plus/minus 30 degrees of rotation are usually recommendable. For safety, put the case back on the CD player each time you test. If you are happy with the performance after the adjustment then put the case back on and you are ready to rock.
Stay away from Clarion(DZ 615).

I bought one last summer and it skips like crazy. Its very sensitive to minor scratches on discs and has been a nightmare. I traded it in and they gave me a new deck (the same model) but alas, the same problem. The salesmen told me they (Clarions) all are sensitive like this but thats what you get for good sound/build quality. I almost burst out laughing in his face. Also, after an hour of listening and it warms up it starts clipping. This doesn t really bother me cause I know it s not powerful but is annoying because it only happens once it starts running warm/hot. In my experience I have found factory decks to usually not be as skip prone than aftermarkets but can sometimes have awful sound. I remember Denon being in the car-deck business some years ago but haven t seen one in ages. Did they get out of car audio?

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