why does my car judder when i set off

As requested, a bit of an update:
When I purchased the car there was a document with it that showed that clutch, flywheel and release bearing were all changed at circa 20k from memory. The price of work was somewhere in the region of 2500. I booked my car in with Belfast Audi for Wednesday 2nd November. The service advisor instructed that a technician would take my car on a road test. When he drove the car the tech agreed that there was a juddering vibration from the clutch in first gear and delivered his prognosis: that it can only be cured with another new clutch, flywheel and release bearing (current mileage at this stage 42k. ) Fearing the worst we set off back to the dealer.

The service advisor asked me what I expected of them as the vehicle was 18 months out of warranty. I explained that the flywheel and clutch should ultimately last the life of the vehicle and I didn't believe it was acceptable that it should fail twice in 4 years / 40k. Having had a word with his manager they offered a proposal: that the dealership would foot the bill for a new clutch, flywheel and release bearing if I agreed to buy either a 1 or 2 year warranty and service plan (major and interim service. ) Total cost 745.

I thought long and hard about it and when I weighed it up I decided that I would go ahead and authorise the work as while it wasn't ideal, I felt it was a decent gesture on their behalf. Fast forward 24 hours and the service advisor calls to inform me that the work has been carried out, however upon driving the car into the workshop, a whirring noise could be heard from the engine. I agreed that I had noticed a slight whirring noise recently. I authorised a diagnostic check and another 60 and one hour later the tech diagnosed it as a defective idler roller. Total cost including diagnosis 260.

HOWEVER another word with the service manager resulted in another offer: that if I committed to the 2 year warranty instead of the 1 year warranty then they would repair. So in conclusion the total cost to repair was 1045 (as opposed to 2500) and I have a 2 year warranty and my next two services paid for. Overall not ideal really, but probably the best realistic resolution I could have hoped for. Get it back on Monday, I hope I have no more trouble with it, but now I have the piece of mind of a 2 year warranty. Background info: bought car privately with 32k and Full Audi history (not with this dealer. ) Hi Evie - welcome to the forum.

It would be unfair to compare your engine to Magners as his is a diesel engine and yours is petrol. Each of these engines have entirely different characteristics when moving away from stop. It would be prudent to get the engine mounts checked out as it could be a faulty lower mount towards the back of the engine - quite a common fault I'm afraid. If this is the case then it can result in further damage to the other engine mounts and possobly a broken exhaust. The problem may be due to something else but maybe a few quid spent now could save a lot of money in the future.

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