why does my car overheats going uphill

It's been in there almost 2 years with no problems. The main reason I got it was as a test. They say that if the engine runs hotter you get better mpgs. I've gotten 34-36 mpg per tank since I switched over. The car also has a random revving idling problem sometimes after it's been driving for a while and then suddenly I'm at a red light. With the hot T-stat, for some reason the problem is non-existant.

I'll have to look into these things. I don't know how vital the fan is though. I've heard of people disconnecting their fans and with no replacement in the summer time didn't see a jump in temps. I'll still look into all of it.
Hey guys, Like my title says, my car overheats when going uphill and I'm wondering what it could be.

I'm hoping you guys could help When I say uphill I don't mean a small hill. I mean when doing a 1 mile (or longer) uphill climb at 5% or steeper climb. Otherwise, my car's temperature gauge doesn't go above the half way mark. It's only been at the half way mark because of the area I live at is so hot with the average temperature for the last month being 110F with highs being 120F or so.

I know in winter, the temp gauge didn't budge above 1/4 of the way up. But still, regardless of the environment, it still shouldn't go up all the way up just below the H line when going on an uphill climb. I have noticed that since the water pump / timing belt jobs were done, the reservoir tank was empty so I filled it.

This happened twice. I checked the radiator coolant level and it was full to the cap, so I'm presuming there aren't any leaks in the coolant system. I'm thinking there might be a small leak in the reservoir tank, but this shouldn't make it so that my car overheats, right? What do you guys think?

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