why does my face look fat in pictures

I had 2 shootings with girls who looked really great. The one from yesterdays weighs 55kg and is 174cm large. Her legs are super but her face looked far to round on pictures. She is not fat at all and when I looked with my eyes she looked stunning. But on the pictures her face looked round a little fat. Is there a certain persective to change that? I used my Nikon 85 1. 4g. I can show you examples if necessary. Thanks, Visit www. voider. net As you said, not the lens, so posing and lighting is the main reason. Also some people change the expresion of the face when been photographed, they look better relaxed than non relaxed, and if they are not used to been photographed, they may be too nervous. But for starters, I would say, pose and light correctly. If you are not using flash, you still need to learn to pose her to achieve the light you are looking for.

The easiest one is to play with broad lighting or short lighting. But peoples faces are not the same. Some people look better with one or the other, some people look good with rembrand lighting, or with a butterfly lighting. It depends. There is no silver bullet. You need to know them, and need to experiment. With time and practice (btw, Im not near close to that) you learn to read peoples face without needing to try it out. Also, you need to learn posing to make her look good. There again is no law here, and depends on her body. Here there are not many names as in lighting. The only one I know by name is 1-3-2 posing. It has to do with the position of the body, face and eyes: The 1-3-2 posing technique is where the body is turned 45 degrees away from the camera and also away from the main light source (position # 1) then the face is turned back beyond the camera position additional 20 degrees or so (position # 3) then the eyes are brought back to the camera position (position # 2. )* The main light is always cross lighting the female form in this technique and will draw a pleasing short light pattern on the face.

Finally, the tilting of the head is important. There are 2, masculine and feminine. Or you could call strong or soft. generally women look best on feminine, and men on masculine, but there are exceptions to that rule, or it depends on what you want to express on your photo. Use a much longer focal length.

It compresses the picture more and you don t appear as fat. Of course the person needs to stand back further in order to make sure the same image is within the frame that is to be captured. If the person taking a picture of you was using a wide angle lens, you will naturally appear a little wider. If you have no idea what that means and just had a P S. Make sure when you take a picture you zoom in as much as possible. Have them keep stepping back until they see what they want, and then take the picture. Look down at the 4 pictures of that yellow thing. Notice how the bottom right (4th image) looks the Fattest, and the first looks the thinnest. Not suprisingly, the first is at a much greater focal length than the last shot which is at a wide angle.

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