why does lebron james wear a headband

For nearly 12 seasons and more than 1,000 consecutive games, LeBron James was rarely ever seen on the court without a headband. During Game 6 of the
James headband was knocked off, and he proceeded to take over a must-winPgame, finishing with a triple-double but he decided to play Game 7 with a headband. In March, James played against the Dallas Mavericks without a headband, marking the first time he started a game without one since the preseason of his rookie year, according to.

James hasn t worn on since that game, and he finally revealed the reasoning behind the switch. Via I did it because I just wanted to look like my teammates. Just wanted to be one. Nothing more than that. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- On LeBron James' Facebook, I wonder if "stopped wearing headband" appeared in his "On This Day" feed this morning.

James played his first full game without the famous headband a year ago today, a 127-94 rout of the Mavericks in Dallas. (He actually first ditched it during the second quarter of the previous game, against the Suns. ) While NBA fans have gotten used to the look since, it was quite a shock at first. -- Matt Bilinovich (@MBilinovich) -- Hunter Spencer[? ][? ] (@HunterSpencer22) "I did it because I just wanted to look like my teammates,". "Just wanted to be one.

Nothing more than that. " Still, the headband has made a few cameo appearances in the year since he stopped wearing it regularly. James wore it twice in the playoffs last season, a couple times during the preseason and six times this season, most recently Jan. 18 against the Warriors.

If you include the playoffs, James has played a little more than an entire season without the headband. The look seems to be working for him: the Cavaliers have gone 65-19 (a winning percentage of. 774) when James goes sans headband. With Anderson Varejao's departure three weeks ago, Mo Williams is currently the only Cavaliers player to wear a headband regularly, though he's been out with a knee injury.

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