why does my dell computer keep shutting off

I have a Demension 2350 and my computer keeps shutting itself down. It will be running for 15 seconds or so, then turn off. The longer time lapses between me turning it on, the longer the computer will stay on. When I can get it running for a minute or so, everything seems to be working perfectly fine with the computer itself, but it will just turn off.

I tried replacing the power cord, and that did not do anything. Is there some kind of power thing inside the computer that could be causing this?? Please help, and thanks!
I too own an Inspiron 1150. Just about 3 or 4 days ago mine started shutting down spontaneously. But I really became supsect about a month ago when the laptop would simply be OFF when I would awake in the mornings.

Prior to that month, I would just leave it on all the time, and it would stay on, no problems. Now, I notice that whenever there is any kind of scan such as Norton AntiVirus, or AdAware, or SpyBot, it shuts down during those types of activities (these are typically activities which cause the fan to operate at a higher speed).

I have had the Norton AntiVirus scheduled to run at 4 AM each morning, and each morning I awake to find the laptop turned off. So, I would simply like to know. does anyone here know why it is doing this, and what can be done to stop it? If it is a virus causing it, it would seem that I will never know, since the AntiVirus task can never seem to completely finish.

And when the system shuts down, it does so without warning. Last night I was online listening to music and it shut down. I rebooted it, and it shut down before rebooting could finish, so I reboot again, and the same result. So I just left it off for the night. Can anyone PLEASE help????? Thank you in advance for ANY help at all.

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