why does my dog jump the fence

If your dog is jumping the fence, first take a look at the fenced in area. Is there a chance he is bored? Dogs need plenty of stimulation, and if you simply put him in the yard without any toys he will quickly tire of those surroundings and begin looking for other sources of stimulation. Hunting and sporting dogs in particular need a lot of exercise and stimulation that a barren yard cannot satisfy. Dogs are adventure seekers and the yard can quickly lose its appeal when he can see the other part of the world and all that it has to offer. Can he see what is outside of the fence? Often dogs will see other dogs, people or fun things to chase such as cats, rabbits and squirrels. Staying in the yard is no longer an option when there is excitement just on the other side. Your dog may also be jumping for a territory war.

If you have let your dog outside of the fence and he has marked his territory outside of the fence, it will draw in other dogs. Those dogs will then mark the spot as theirs. Your dog can smell that and will feel compelled to remark his territory, which requires him to hop the fence. Is your dog spayed or neutered? A dog looking to procreate will stop at nothing to do so, and a fence is no obstacle to his or her desire. A lot of dogs do not like to be left alone, especially outside in a yard, for long periods of time. They can become anxious in the surroundings and feel the need to escape. Storms, fireworks, screaming children and strangers walking by could all spook your pooch and make him feel he must flee. He may begin to see the yard as a type of prison and cannot help but escape over the fence.

Fence jumping is in itself a rewarding behavior. They want out, so they jump and their freedom immediately reinforces the behavior. Often dogs end up with strangers who give them treats, they get a new sense of adventure and exposure to all sorts of new sights, sounds and smells. They get exercise and an escape all at the same time. Jumping the fence is a win-win in his world. б
You probably thought that a six-foot fence would do the trick. Yet the fact of the matter is a dog can scale incredible heights if it can get a good grip. How can you stop your dog from jumping out of the yard? To help stop your dogБs Houdini acts, it pays to first narrow down why itБs happening. Perhaps your dog escapes to join a nearby female dog that is on heat.

If so, try the following: If your dog scales the fence, make sure the inside of the fence is smooth so there are no paw-holds. Plywood works great. Secure all latches. Discourage your dog from peeing on your fences outer facing side when youБre out of the house together. If other dogs urinate over its scent, it may jump the fence to reclaim territory. A neutered dog is less likely to seek out mating partners. Visit your local б to discuss desexing your dog. Many things can scare your dog, including, noisy children or an aggressive dog next door. During storm season, keep an eye on weather reports. Consider allowing your dog to wait out the storm in a safe place, like the bathroom, and distract it with a tasty treat-filled б or similar. Filling in any see-through gaps in the fence may help decrease your dogБs fear of the outside world and reduce its desire to escape.

Ensure thereБs nothing near the fence your dog can use to climb on. Try using PVC piping, at least 15cm in diameter, and run it along the top of your fence so your dog canБt get a good grip. If your dog is spending long periods of time on its own each day, it may be suffering from separation anxiety or boredom. Exercise your dogб for 30 to 60 minutes each day. Train your dog to respond to the Бcome hereБ cue. Try using a, б or б that will often have a significant calming effect on your dog should they feel anxious, fearful or overexcited. Break up your dogБs day by having a walker visit it while youБre at work. If you suspect your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, speak to your local.

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