why does my knee suddenly give way

Why is my knee giving away? If your knee keeps giving way and you would like to know why, hopefully, this article can help you. Below, we are going to find out about the knee, exactly what the issue could be with a knee giving way and how best to go about finding the treatments for it. The knee is a very complex joint, it isnt just a simple hinge like the one on your door, there is a lot going on down there with a rather complex layout of ligaments and cartilages. If any one of these suffers damage then this can cause some issues in your knee. A knee giving way is not a medical condition in itself. Instead, it is the sign that you have a medical condition. Things such as pain, giving way, locking and stiffness all point to an underlying condition that you will need to have treatment for in order to stop them from happening. Below, we are going to go into detail about the two different types of the giving way of the knee and then tell you what might be causing them. Whether you are 100% sure of which type of knee giving way you have or not, always do make an appointment with your GP who is likely to send you to a specialist, the knee is complex, as we said above, and so it is important that you get the right treatment for your condition so that they are no long-term damages caused.

Your knee giving way is where your knee will suddenly give out, with no warning or seemingly no cause and it causes you to stumble or fall. As we said above, there are two main types of this, Intermittent giving way and Intermittent painful giving way. Intermittent giving way is most likely to cause you pain at the moment of it happening as well as a feeling of wobbliness in the knee joint. The pain that you experience with this type, should go away fairly quickly as you regain your balance. An intermittent painful giving way is more associated with a painful clicking that is present all the time. This is most often due to a meniscal cartilage tear, this is where torn cartilage will get caught between the bones in your knee joint. If your knee just generally feels a bit wobbly all of the time then this can mean that you have ligamentous instability. This basically means that you have a torn ligament, like the ACL, for example. Other examples of problems that can cause your knee to give way include loose bodies (pieces of bone or cartilage floating around the joint) and articular cartilage which are unstable flaps of cartilage. If you are experiencing anything mentioned above then do make an appointment with your GP as quickly as you can.

They will recommend you to your local hospital or specialist to find out what the underlying issue of your knee giving way is. We hope that this post has given you the information you needed to help with your knee problems. Please explore our website further for more information on common conditions of the knee.
Lately, youвve noticed that your knee gives out when climbing up and down stairs, walking on uneven surfaces, or shifting your body weight from one leg to the other. These everyday movements may have become difficult or painful and are accompanied by the feeling of your knee locking or instability when moving. You may have swelling in your knee and heard or felt a grinding, popping, or clicking sensation. Now youвre left wondering, why is my knee giving out? Why does my knee hurt? The knee joint is pretty complex and is made up of bones, ligaments, and cartilage, all of which can be weakened by injuries or the everyday wear and tear that comes with age. Although there are several causes for knee instability and pain, joint injury and osteoarthritis of the knee are two of the most common reasons for a knee to lock up and give out. Your knees have four main ligaments that stabilize the patella, or knee cap and join the thigh and shin bones together.

These ligaments are called: If your knee is giving out, one of the most common causes could be that youвve injured one of your kneeвs ligaments. When these ligaments are stretched or torn, the knee becomes unstable, causing it to give way unexpectedly and become painful while doing everyday activities. You donвt have to be a pro athlete to experience a knee injury! Ligaments can be injured during activities that involve: Another common cause for your knee giving way could be the onset of, which is the breakdown and gradual loss of surrounding cartilage. This condition can be accompanied by pain, stiffness, swelling, and a grinding or grating sound when bending the knee. Did you know? Osteoarthritis of the knee and doesnвt just affect the elderly, as its onset is. Although there isnвt one exact reason why osteoarthritis of the knee develops, some causes include: Most treatments for a knee injury and osteoarthritis of the knee work best when started early. If your knee is giving out, you should seek an assessment from a. After the assessment, your physiotherapist may recommend Has your knee unexpectedly given out? Donвt wait! Get well and stay well by booking a today!

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