why does my laptop freeze after a few minutes

so here's the full story. A few months ago my Laptop went freezing from times to times, for a few minutes and then un-freeze, to freeze again a few minutes later. So wondering what to do, I formatted my laptop to solve that problem. Sadly it didn't worked. Having work to do i was forced to run my PC on Safe Mode for a couple of month. After a while I decided to go ''legit', again and I realized that my PC froze a few minutes after start-up but after a couple of hours, it would run smoothly for days. So the past few months my PC was running smoothly,. until recently, but now, it's worst than ever. It freezes a few minutes after start-up. and even if I keep it on for days, I still can't do a thing, it un-freeze for like 2 seconds sometimes, then just to freeze again.

It's driving me crazy. I'm planning to buy a new PC but I'm stuck with this one for a little while now, might as well try to do something with it. I don't think this is a problem of program or anything like this since even after I formatted it, I still had the same problem. Is my laptop just dead? (I'm on safe-mode right now). Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core TK-57 1. 90ghz Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! I have no reason to believe Gibson's anything other than what he appears: a relatively odd guy who happened to write a pretty useful product. I've seen it work too many times to doubt it. Is any single tool the solution to every problem? No, of course not.

Fair enough; that's what I get for posting from my phone. I should have specified that first you image it, or try. SpinRite can, though, get a drive unable to be imaged back to usable status long enough to get an image. I've done so dozens of times over the years, most recently on a lawyer client newly referred by another lawyer who's been a client for a while. Their HD wouldn't even boot and, of course, there was no backup. Unfortunately, there were filings and such on the hard drive that needed to be recovered, so simply rebuilding from scratch wasn't an option. None of the imaging apps could recognize enough of a filesystem on the HD to restore, let alone image, not Acronis, Macrium's Reflect, even GetDataBack was useless.

Ran SpinRite on it for a while (the better part of 48 hours, actually, before it finished) and was able to get an image with all the data. The issue with most imaging apps is they simply fail to even see the drive all too often. IME, SpinRite is usually able to get the drive back to usable status long enough to recover the data with other tools. That's why it has multiple levels. You don't run the load the hell out of it one, you run the recovery one that does just enough to get it back. This is veering into Battlefront territory and I really don't see a point to that. Let's just agree to disagree on it, if you like, Hat. I do respect you; we simply have different opinions and experiences on this particular thing.

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