why does my laptop keep freezing windows 7

I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 laptop. It has developed a problem where Windows keeps freezing. It does not give any warning its going to freeze and I don't get any error messages, I just have to hold the power button down to make the computer reboot (some times when it freezes and I press any key on the keyboard the screen goes black, but doesn't happen often. Also sometimes if I press the F2 key (turns wifi on or off) when the system boots back up it has turned the WIFI off as if the keys are working in the back ground but Windows has froze and you the keys don't do anything to windows and the mouse cursor has gone). The freezing happens at any time including when Windows is just starting up or it could be performing fine for any period of time and then just freezes.

I have run the diagnostic using F12 at start up and this didn't show any problems. I have reinstalled Windows 7 and this didn't cure it, it still freezes. Why is it doing this?? Any help would be most welcome. I don't want to have to buy a new laptop. System spec. AMD Athlon II P360 dual core 2. 3 ghz I had the same problems with Vista and Win7 on my desk-top PC's. My error logs indicated that certain program modules were not responding/would not wake up after an idle time - in particular, one associated with AVG. Initially, I uninstalled AVG. But I would still encounter some, though fewer hangs. After searching around the Internet, I found many with the same problem, always after a computer had been idle for some time.

What happens when idle for some time? Power savings kicks in. Changing my power settings to high performance and tweaking them so that only the hard drives shut down when idle (after 20 minutes) no more hangs or freezes. In particular, go to Start Menu/Control Panel/Harware and Sound/Power Options then select "High Performance" and then "Change Plan Settings" make sure "Turn off the display:" is set to "Never" and that "Put the computer to sleep:" is also set to "Never" - then check the advanced power settings by clicking on "Change advanced power settings" You should see "High performance [Active]" and in a window a set of expandable items.

Review them and adjust if desired, but watch for any "Power Saving Mode" options and be sure they are "Maximum Performance" such as the "Wireless Adapter Settings. " Set any sleep or hibernate options to "Never. " Be sure the "Sleep after" and "Hibernate after" are set to "Never" - under the "Sleep" item. This has worked for me anyway. I also disabled screen saver - I can just turn my monitor off manually to when I leave the room for a while. Of course, one would prefer that MS would deal with this issue - it has been an issue since at least Vista - so that we could take advantage of power savings modes. but until then, this is the way it is.

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