why does my phone say unknown caller

Hi, Are these calls from people you know? Are these people listed in your phone's Contacts app? If the caller is listed with their number in your phone's Contacts (or similarly named app) then when they call it should display their name on an i/c call. If they are not listed it should display the number of the caller. Not sure if the above is applicable to you though as it may vary as to where you are i. e. different countries and different phone service providers have different ways of doing things.

Not certain if where you are that calling number display for mobile phones is a subscription service or not. Where I am (Aust) CND is standard on mobile services but subscription on landline services. Therefore if you have a CND capable landline phone unless you pay the subscription to the service provider you will always get unknown being displayed on an i/c call, but it shows the number on an i/c call on a mobile phone.
If you have s3 or s4 then this should work. 1.

Pull down the slide down menu. 2. go to settings in the top right corner. (Should be a gear) 3. got to yhe accounts tab. 4. click google. (You need google linked to your phone for this.

If not already linked then press add account google and then enter you google info) 5. click on your gmail that is there. EX: 6. look for "sync contacts" and to be sure also tap "sync people details" 7. your done! If it synced then it will say "last synced mm/dd/yyyy" ex: "last synced 07-18-2014" I hope this helped you!!!!

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