why does my foundation make me look ashy

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Today we would be talking about how to prevent foundation from looking ashy. After choosing the right type of foundation, another most important task is to apply foundation flawlessly on the skin. Foundations can be tempting but you really need to take care while applying on the face. Foundation which looks perfect in the store may not always turn out to be natural and good looking on the skin. Well, here we bring you a few easy tips to prevent your foundation from looking ashy. 1. Mix With A Darker Foundation: Your foundation looks grey or ashy because it is much lighter than your skin tone. Using a lighter foundation on your skin can highlight the foundation thus making your skin look unnatural. In order to prevent your foundation from looking ashy, you should add 2-3 drops of darker shade foundation and blend it well. Using this technique will help your foundation to look fine, soft and flawless. 2. Dust Off The Excess Foundation: Another quick way to prevent your foundation from looking ashy is you should dust off the excess foundation from the face. Take a blotting paper and press it against the skin. This quick tip can not only help to dust off the excess foundation from the face but also allows the makeup to set for a long period of time. Make sure you blot the excess foundation so that it doesnБt look ashy. 3. Use A Primer: Using a primer is the best way to prevent your foundation from looking ashy.

The primer will help to form a smooth base on the face which allows the foundation to set on the skin easily. If you donБt have a good primer at your home, you can simply massage your face with ice. Rubbing ice all over the face can help to close the pores on the skin thus allowing the makeup to look fresh and also last longer. Use or on the skin. 4. Choose the Right Type Of Foundation: Another important step to prevent foundation from looking ashy is choosing the right type of foundation for your skin. If you have oily skin, you should be using an oil-free foundation. People with dry skin should choose liquid foundation while people with sensitive skin should go for a powder foundation. People with combination skin type can opt for mousse as it can help to maintain a balance on the skin. 5. Patch Test On Neck And Not On Hand: This is one of the most crucial mistakes most of us make while choosing our foundation shade. We understand that applying foundation on the face is annoying so you should patch test on the neck and not on your hand. Your skin tone on the neck and hand differs a lot and hence testing on the hand can make you choose the wrong shade of foundation. 6. Blending Problem: If you are not blending the foundation properly then it will surely leave you with an ashy appearance. You should be using a blending sponge or puff to blend the foundation on the skin seamlessly.

Using a blending sponge can help to blend the foundation on the face and also conceals the hard to reach areas easily. If not anything, you can also use fingers to blend the foundation easily. You can use the for best results. 7. Exfoliating Your Skin: Exfoliating your skin before applying foundation is an easy way to prevent foundation from looking ashy. Exfoliating your skin helps to slough away the dead skin cells from the face thus forming a smooth base for makeup. Open pores, dead skin cells on the face can make your makeup look cakey, ashy and unnatural as well. Use for best results. Foundation prices can be unreal, making it just so tempting to purchase a cheaper kinda-your-shade alternative from a reseller. The only problem is that you canБt really swatch it, and trying it on for the first time is as stressful as stepping into a tight dress after binging on your favourite dessert. Sadly, buying a foundation without swatching it is like taking a shot in the darkБmore often than not, you just know it looks off but you donБt know whyБ After all, it seems to be your shade, right? Actually, thatБs the thing: Foundation that БseemsБ to be the right shade wonБt always work, and you can practically usually see your skin turn grey. But why does it do that? 1. ItБs too light and opaque. Ah, the number one mistake of women in Asian countries. When a thicker foundation in a lighter shade is used, it doesnБt blend well with your real skin colour.

This pronounces the shade difference between your face and body, making your face take on an ashy tone. 2. ItБs in the wrong undertone. Foundation that doesnБt match your undertone will БclashБ with your skin, resulting in a grey look. The common mistake women make is going with a pink-based foundation when their undertone is yellow. Check out to see what undertone youБve got. 3. ItБs not compatible with your other products. Suncreen is important but those with a higher amount of SPF may leave a white cast that your foundation canБt fully cover. Your primer could also possibly have a different base from your foundation, causing the formula to separate and look grey and patchy. As much as false Holy Grails suck, itБs all part of the learning curve. Here are a few tips to salvage any foundations you might have: 1. Mix foundations. Just add a drop or two of a darker shade into any foundation thatБs too light. Just remember not to mix an oil-based foundation with a water-based one! 2. Set with a powder thatБs in your shade and undertone. The powder should be enough to neutralize any ashiness you might see. 3. Pass them on to someone else! Why hold on to something doesnБt want to work for you? WhatБs your foundation problem? Let us know below and weБll help you out! #beautybytes

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