why does my fridge keep freezing at the back

3. Keep Food Away From Vents
Once you ve determined the problem area, check to see if it s near a vent. Most fridges have a cooling vent above or on the side of the top shelf. This is where most of the cold air comes from, so keeping food away from here may prevent freezing. (A 5-inch radius should do the trick. ) If the problem area is a door shelf, you may want to adjust its position. Some side-by-side refrigerators (particularly older models) feature a vent that funnels cold air from the freezer into the fridge.

This outlet is usually located on the wall that separates the fridge and freezer, and will likely blow freezing cold air all over everything around it. Relocate the shelves to avoid this cold air. If you have a bottom-freezer modelвan increasingly popular model for modern homesвand you notice that the problem areas is around the bottom of the fridge compartment, then it is almost certainly due to air venting from the freezer.

However, it may also be due to a simple lack of food in the fridge! (More on that below. ) I had this with my Hotpoint fridge. Eventually it packed up completley and the freezer stopped freezing. Not sure about the design of the Hoover fridge but on mine there was only one set of evaporater coils in the frrezer department. A fan moved air round both compartments providng the cooling in the fridge.

On mine the fan stopped working reducing the air flow. I didn't fix it in the end as it looked like the PCB needed replacing an that was 100, so can't tell for certain what the problem was. I belive it can also be caused by the air channels becoming blocked with dirt or ice. I think you have to disconnect the unit and leave it for 48 hours to completely defrost the channels. Might be worth a try if you can do without it for a couple of days

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