why does my front load washer smell

Once an odor is detected, there's some
steps you can take to clean your front-load washer Step 1. Pour two cups of distilled vinegar into the detergent dispenser, and run your washer on the clean or normal cycle using hot water. Step 2. When finished, clean the inside tub, rubber boot seal, detergent dispenser and inner door with a clean rag and a solution of half distilled vinegar and half hot water. Repeat this step using a new clean rag and hot water only.

There are also several products on the market for cleaning your front loading washer that can be used instead of vinegar. Step 3. Run your washer a second time on the same cycle with hot water only. Step 4. When finished, leave the washer door open for several hours to air it out. Following these cleaning suggestions can prevent mold from ever starting in new front load washers, and it will fight existing mold in smelly frontPload washers.

No matter what type of washing machine you have, the two best tips to keep it clean are always empty everything out of pockets before loading into the tub and never overload your machine. Need more appliance advice? Check out the. Editor's note: This is an updated version of an article that was originally published on Sept. 3, 2013. We have had our washer only a few months and it stinks. Our clothes smell awful. We had a low end top loader for a decade before this and it never got this way.

I have 3 Samsung Tv's, all our phones are Samsung, my laptop, multiple other devices. I am a Samsung enthusiast but after this purchase we went to get a Samsung dishwasher and was told to look at the reviews and purchase Samsung products they know best. Wish we were told this before the washer purchase. Have a newborn and we can't be the stinky family from a high end new washing machine.

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