why does my furby sleep all the time

My daughter's Furby just started to make this cracking noise with every word it says. Also the Furby's moving very quietly and not moving back and forward (at all). Usually when the Furby goes to sleep, it will bend forward. Also the its ears (sometimes) are not moving forward when going to sleep. When the Furby is awake, it will last like 1 minute and its eyes will light off (and will go to sleep). It will only wake up if I shake it well. I also noticed that will not react fast/properly when touching him. The reset (or the change of personality mode which only went right once) won't help. I kindly ask for help. I also speak Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Thanx!
For updated information See article: Just like me, your Furby may have a hard time waking up on occasion.

PDon t fret! PYour furry little friendPhasn tPnecessarily kicked the bucket! PThere are a few things you can try to get him hooting and hollering once again. PIf your Furby is working properly, it only takes movement, sound or pressing on his sensors to wake him/her up. PIf thatPdoesn t work try the following: Note: Changing batteries will not reset your Furbys personality, but resetting him will start him over just like when you first removed him from the box. If your Furby says Sleepy and shuts off every time you wake him, or if he wont wake up at all, thisPusuallyPmeans his batteries are getting weak.

PJust turn him over and put in a new set of batteries and see ifPthat sPthePproblem. Deep Sleep Mode: If your Furby is a Generation 2,3,4 or Special Edition, there is a mode called Deep Sleep. PThis feature will make your Furby stay asleep unless turned upside down. PThis wont work on the 1st generation Furby unfortunately. PTry pressing Furbys tongue down and hold it, Pthen shake shake him and then let go of the tongue. Furby will wake up just about every time. PThis trick is said to work every time. Furby won t move till you let go of his tongue. PHopefully YouPdon tPgive your little friend Shaken Furby Syndrome If you have a little technical knowledge you could try the. PAlthough thatPwouldn tPbe my first choice, which leads me to the last resort to get a Pcomatose Furby to wake up.

Call the manufacturer. PThe information is on the paperwork that came with your Furby. PIf they can t help you over the phone, you can arrange to mail it to them so they can do surgery on the defective part for you and mail him back to you. P If, for some reason theyParen tPable to help you, then it s quite possibly time to have a funeral for your fuzzy friend and bury him in the back yard. POR he can just look cute as a normal stuffed animal sitting on a shelf in your house. Hopefully one of these tips helped wake your lazy little friend up, Pif not you may have to consider adopting a

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