why does my furby want to sleep all the time

My daughter's Furby just started to make this cracking noise with every word it says. Also the Furby's moving very quietly and not moving back and forward (at all). Usually when the Furby goes to sleep, it will bend forward. Also the its ears (sometimes) are not moving forward when going to sleep. When the Furby is awake, it will last like 1 minute and its eyes will light off (and will go to sleep). It will only wake up if I shake it well. I also noticed that will not react fast/properly when touching him.

The reset (or the change of personality mode which only went right once) won't help. I kindly ask for help. I also speak Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Thanx!
Dear Admin, We re an American couple who live in Denmark/Scandinavia. We,my hubby I,bought a Furby just 9 days ago for our 9 yo-daughter and she was in 7th heaven!! It helped her sleep at night etc,it was THE best toy we ve ever bought her! We found out by checking out diff. YouTube vids. ,that it has like 3/maybe 4? , personalities,the baby that you get by petting it gently on it s head,the valley-girl that you get by playing music talking a lot,and the devil that you conjure by pulling it s tail/turning it up side down and/or over-feeding it.

Our daughter is only 9,so we prefer the baby-version and kept it that way. BUT,yesterday something really weird happened,. it kept falling asleep. We ve done everything to save the situation,from clicking the reset-button 2. sec. multiple times till changing batteries,(Duracel),but it won t wake up or it wilk only stay awake for max. 10 seconds!

Our girl is DEVASTATED-. we can t stand watching her cry no more,pls. ,what are we gonna do? Should we call the nr. in England or US? We ll stay in Denmark for yet another year before returning to the states. Why does these 2012-Furbies have this flaw? What should we do please? Our daughters heart is broken,pls. help us. Thank you so much in advance,Mrs. Mr. Schulz.

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