why does my poop smell like tuna

There was a doctor in the ER who used to eat home cooked tuna steaks 2-3 times each week. He d heat the tuna up in the micro-wave, and the smell would permeate the ED. It was horrible. One night I walked in the entrance to the ER before a shift, and I smelled that fishy smell. I found him and said, Dude. you have to stop. Eat that shit before you get here, man. He responded, The tuna? I didn t bring it tonight. I said, What? Well, wtf is it then? He says, Haha. You ll see. Have a nice night, bro. So I let my nose lead me toward the source of the fish stank, and I came to a room where there was a disheveled young woman strapped in to the bed. She was acutely psychotic, and was out cold after being administered a Geodon/ativan IM cocktail. The sweet yet sickly stench of marine fauna was so strong I was unable to breath through my nose without gagging.

I saw a plastic bag containing what seemed to be her street clothes, and I made the mistake of opening it up. The smell hit me in the face, and I actually puked inside the bag. Within 60 seconds, you could hear the rising commotion as the stench traveled though out the ED. There was a little girl 3 doors down with a broken arm who was crying and puking. People in the lobby were evacuating. The charge nurse caught me as I was heading towards the restroom. Boy, can t you read? There s a damned bright orange sticker on that bag that says DO NOT OPEN? Apparently this patient had chronic vaginosis for which she had avoided treatment for 6 months. The ER smelled like that for the next 4 days. I couldn t eat fish for months, and that doctor was banned from bringing fish to eat for a long time.

I almost puked while typing this.
Hi! There are some bacteria in the gut that produce hydrogen sulfide gas. Sometimes this gas is produced in such huge quantities that the sulfide oxidase enzyme in the wall of the gut is not able to oxidize all of it and convert it to thiosulfate. This gas has a smell of rotten eggs or fishy smell. You need to cut down food items that contain sulfites. Most of this gas comes from sulfites a person consumes, which is a part of all preservatives. Sulfites are present in all juices, molasses, yellow dye in ready made food stuffs, and red wine. Sulfites are present in lesser amounts in mashed potatoes made from dry powder, pickles, tinned shrimp, cookies, crackers, and readymade pie dough. If you have been taking these things in a good amount, then cut down the intake.

Also take a lactobacillus preparation and yoghurt with your meals. In all probability the smell will go. Certain food items like cabbage, radish, turnip and certain meat products too cause a foul smell in stool and cutting down these food items also helps. If it persists, then talk to your doctor. Other causes will have to be looked into such as intestinal infection, celiac disease, CrohnБs disease, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndromes, chronic pancreatitis or hepatitis and cystic fibrosis. Of these, IBS often results in fishy smell. You will need to consult a gastroenterologist then. In females, it could be a smell originating from vagina due to bacterial vaginosis. Hence this point should also be investigated. Hope this helps. Take care!

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