why does my cat yowl after eating

Thank you and suggestions for healthy food by: Diana Dear Friends,
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I've they talk--I love their talking. I used to have paragraph! When my Flame Point crys after eating, it grows lungs in a very urgent manner. By the time I reach him, he's over it. I hesitate bringing him had the sniffles, they charged me $350. That was without tests of any kind. He only does this at night.

I'm going to be howls. I'd thought it was after everything he eats at night but possibly it's just the beef. I will be more observant! You may be right, however. He's gloriously healthy in every way. By the way, try not to buy any food for your cat in the Supermarket. Totally avoid anything with preservatives or by-products. Wellness, Wysong, Innova and a brand new all organic brand is the best.

Also, of course, fresh free range meat as long as you add 1/4 veggies. Baby food and, if you ever have a cat who should be eating and isn't, try Spirelina. The only problem is that once they've had it, they won't eat anything unless it's sprinkled on it. Thanks again. Nigel thanks you, too. It's great to have cat lovers as friends! No, mine doesn't yowl after eating but she will clean up around her bowl.

Although that is her instinct for trying to cover up her food so it can't be found by another animal. However, she does yowl when she goes mousing. She is an indoor cat with LOTS of toys and she'll carry them around in her mouth and yowl (although it's muffled). She does it as if to say, Look at the prey I got? Look how great I am!. Maybe your little one thinks his food was prey he captured?

LOL Honestly, I have not a clue. haha But it's really kind of cute! I did have one cat that was very attached to me and my boyfriend would tell me that every time I took a shower he would sit outside the door and cry. Just like your boy. I think it's absolutely adorable. That's why I laugh at all the cat nay-sayers who think they are too independent and not a fun pet (aka, child).

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