why does my dog like to eat toilet paper

Everyone has those annoying habits that seem compulsive, like nail biting. Dogs can behave the same way. Stuffing her belly full of tissues or toilet paper may not be the perfect snack in your pup's mind, but it's just something she has to do. Often, compulsive behavior happens because of a certain stimulus. Sometimes it happens because of seemingly nothing at all. If something is causing her to eat tissue paper, try counter conditioning her to respond positively to the stimulus versus scarfing down unhealthy amounts of paper. Let's say she's afraid of thunder. Try playing thunder-like noises on your computer with the volume turned way down.

When the sounds play and she doesn't become nervous, pop a treat in her mouth. Keep turning up the volume until she realizes thunder is the gateway to treats and awesomeness. If nothing in particular is causing her compulsive behavior, teach her the "leave it," and "drop it" commands, and grab her attention away from the paper when she is about to chow down.
Dear AKC: My 3-year-old large (100+ pounds) Labrador Retriever constantly eats toilet paper, napkins, paper towels and socks if they are accessible. We have to change our way of life practically so that he doesn t eat what we leave around.

Yes, we have been lucky and he passes these items either through his bowel or vomits them up. We live in terror that we will leave something around and then he won t be able to pass it. Hungry Hound Dear Hungry: The first thing you need to do is close the bathroom door, pick up the laundry and get yourself a crate for your pet. If you are not able to supervise your dog when home and he has a problem with chewing, you need to set up some physical solution immediately, such as keeping him in the crate when you are not home, before he does damage to his digestive system.

In order to stop this behavior you are going to have to teach your dog a more appropriate owner-approved behavior. Be proactive and let your dog know what you are expecting from him. I d suggest obedience class to teach him how to pay attention to you and to increase the amount of exercise he gets, maybe increase your daily walk by 10 minutes a day to start. Overall, just spend more time with him. I suspect his chewing is a stress reliever and a way to get your attention that he is craving. Time to Toys This is what worked with one of my dogs that had very bad toilet paper-eating habit. Whenever I saw my dog had something in his mouth, I instructed him to either drop it or asked for the object with the give command and then replaced it with an approved toy or his favorite sterilized bone.

I also kept all his approved toys in an open-topped box and taught him that anything in box was okay to chew. Whenever he went into his toy box on his own I would praise him with a good boy and make a big deal out of this good behavior with verbal kudos or treats if handy. With paying a little more attention and training on your part and a newly instilled behavior for your dog, soon their will be harmony in house.

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