why does my pregnant belly get hard at night

It could be Braxton Hicks, which is perfectly normal at this point in pregnancy. It could also be that the baby is shifting positions; I'm short as well with a short torso, and it seems like I've already run out of room in there. I notice my stomach get really tight and hard but it's different than BH contractions. I can feel her moving up the the surface of my belly, so to speak. Other times my belly feels kind of deflated and I can't feel her with my hands like I usually can, so at those times I assume she nestled down really deep.
During pregnancy, it is quite common for women to experience a lot of physical and mental changes. All pregnant women will get to witness a growing and protruding stomach. In the second trimester of your pregnancy, the uterus has already reached half way and will be stuck between your pelvic bone and belly button. There are more chances of the uterus expanding in size and would eventually start to press against the walls of the stomach and thereby, give you a hard feeling. With each passing day, the hardness of the stomach becomes quite normal.

This condition occurs for most pregnant women. There is nothing to worry about as pregnant woman will have a hard belly during pregnancy. Don't feel surprised if you get a hard feeling around your belly as this is due to the growing uterus. For some, this condition can be as early as after the completion of 12 weeks of pregnancy. Yet this hard belly during pregnancy depends on the body type of the person. Sometimes, extreme hardness can lead to a lot of unnecessary mental stress for most pregnant women. You may even feel moody and be unable to concentrate on anything. These are some of the emotions that you will be facing when pregnant. If you are mentally disturbed about the discomfort, then seek prenatal care immediately. There are some causes why pregnant women face stomach hardening in the second trimester (during the 21st week) of pregnancy. Take a look. Uterus The baby grows in the uterus, which is stationed at the pelvic cavity between the bladder and rectum. The waistline will expand after the baby and uterus begins to grow larger.

The main cause of hard belly during pregnancy is that the uterus starts to apply pressure on the abdomen and it tends to expand. In reality, this happens during the first trimester when the uterus begins to stretch. Moreover, when the baby grows during the second trimester, the water volume in the stomach will increase. It will eventually leads to a hard stomach. Foetal skeleton develops Usually, pregnant women tend to experience symptoms of excessive hardness after the second trimester as it is then that the foetal skeleton develops and expands at the same time. The belly becomes hard after the bones in the baby's body starts to take shape. This is one of the reasons why the stomach becomes harder. On the other hand, the stomach would anyway go rock hard towards the end of the pregnancy. Thin and fat women Hard belly during pregnancy can be different for various body types. Predominantly, women who are thin experience hard stomach in the early days of pregnancy, while fat women would experience hardness in the third trimester.

Stretch marks Most pregnant women will also go through severe abdominal pain during this time and it would only get lesser after the delivery. If the pain occurs in the third trimester, it is quite normal as this problem happens only when the uterine expands due to the growth of the baby. If you constantly get pain, then seek prenatal care. And more importantly, another cause of hardening is due to the formation of stretch marks. The stretch marks can be removed with gentle massaging on the belly area with topical vitamin A creams such as retina-A. Constipation The other root cause of hard belly is poor dietary intake and inappropriate food habits such as eating too fast. When you consume food fast, there are chances of you suffering from constipation. Constipation is also another common cause of hard belly for pregnant women. Even consuming soft drinks and other beverages can cause hardening and pain on the belly region. In order to avoid some of the digestive problems, pregnant women should consume high fibre foods.

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