why does my ceiling fan motor hum

I recently installed Hampton Bay ceiling fans in my bedroom and my daughter's room. The fan in my room works fine. The fan in my daughter's room had loud hum. My dad said the motor was bad so I replaced it with a similar model. That fan had the same loud hum. I returned that fan and replaced it with a Hunter fan. The fan had a hum but slightly lower. I've tightened all screws and checked everything previously mentioned in other posts and the installation manual. I have noticed that the hum begins as soon as the wall switch is turned on.

This is regular single pole light switch. I'm wondering if this is an electrical problem. Is it possible that there is something on the same circuit that could cause this problem? If so, how can I test? Is is possible that there is not enough current to the fan? I appreciate your help.
Below is a list of noises that ceiling fans can make. If you are unable to resolve the fan noise using these tips, please contact us. Be sure to have your fan model number handy.

If the noise is caused by a fan defect and the fan is within it's warranty time frame, you will be asked for your proof of purchase, in order to begin a warranty claim. Clicking Noises are most often caused by loose blade and/or blade holder screws. Check all the screws and tighten if needed. In some fan models, blade holders can be installed upside down. If the rubbing noise is resulting from blade holders touching the motor housing, the fan is most likely installed incorrectly. Please consult your owner's manual to make certain the blade holders are installed properly.

An electrical buzz or hum can be caused by a variety of issues. Check that the light bulbs are the correct wattage. P a. ) Fan Control receiver If you ceiling fan has a control system with a receiver, a defective receiver can create a humming noise. Please for help. Light dimmer switches often create an electrical hum sound. We suggest using a Hunter control system to dim your ceiling fan lights. c). House Wiring If you've tracked the buzzing to an outlet or wiring, arrange for an electrician to repair it.

An electrical hum can come out of a circuit breaker if it is overloaded with current and not shutting off as it's meant to. Please contact an electrician to investigate and repair the cause of the buzzing. Remember, a qualified electrician should do any necessary repairs! If a popcorn-type smell is coming from your fan or you hear a crackling noise, you will need to replace the switch housing or wire harness.

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