why does my ceiling fan not work

Well for starters you can check the power at the switch to see of the switch has failed. This can be done with a power line wire test probe. but do use care when dealing with AC power. It is dangerous stuff and can injure or kill if not handled properly. If this leaves you with a queasy feeling then now would be a good time to call in a professional electrician. If power is passing through the switch to the fan and light unit then it is a pretty good guess that something has gone wrong with the unit itself. There are many things that could happen and some of them may be dependent on just what type of ceiling fan unit this is.

For example if the fan was one of the type suspended down from the ceiling on a pipe type thing and if the fan was somewhat unbalanced a continual swinging motion of the hanger pipe could cause the electrical wires to fracture and become open circuit. Without further detail as to the type of fan it would be difficult to suggest specific failures that you might expect to see. Do note that it is common that a fan / light assembly may have separate switched power leads for the fan and for the light.

However there may be a common return neutral line. Since it seems like both the lights and fan failed at the same time it is likely that the wiring failure could be in this common return line.
p Hey there Seth100! /p p /p p Thank you for your question and welcome to the community! /p p /p p We get this question quite frequently here and from what I have gathered, it sounds like you just may need to replace your fan speed switch.

I #39;m glad you are thinking ahead with capacitors and checking the wiring inside, but if it worked great before and now it #39;s not working at any speed. I would say the biggest culprit would be just a simple replacement of your fan speed switch. /p p /p p Depending on if it #39;s a 2 or 3 wire (you #39;ll need to check that out first) switch, check by turning off the breaker leading to the fan, and take apart the bottom housing holding the wiring for the fan speed. Unscrew the pull chain and replace, the fan speed switches should look a little something like this. /p p img align="center" src="/howto/servlet/rtaImage? eid=90750000000071a amp;feoid=Body amp;refid=0EM500000000C0b" border="0" alt="ceilingfanswitch.

JPG" title="ceilingfanswitch. JPG" /img /p p /p p /p p Try replacing it first. this is usually the right diagnosis for getting your fan back up to speed. literally. /p p /p p Let us know we can assist you further. /p p strong font color="#ff6600" a /font boveaveragejoe /strong /p

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