why does my girlfriend try to make me jealous

i'll keep it short and simple. me and my girlfriend are doing very great, amazing for that matter. however this one thing about her really gets at me sometimes. now, i trust her with my heart and she trusts me with hers so that's not a matter of the issue. the thing is she LOVES attention. constantly. everytime i go on facebook (mind you i dont even click on her page), right there on the news feed is always something she posts and guess what. another guy comments on it. happens every freaking time. one time i texted her and was like im deleting this stupid thing. she goes why. i say its so god dam annoying everytime i go on lol to see yet another guy hit on you. she laughs it off. we laugh it off. but i know she just lovesss the attention
another thing, we're going out tonight to a friends bday, and she sent me a couple texts with pics of her saying ready to have a smokin hot woman in your arms tonight? im like oh babbyyy, ima keep you right in my arms so no guys tries to hit on you. and she replies hehe, yeah good idea (i just let it go, but again. really) she told me about how she is at work and some guy gave her a thank you present for the work she did (she works in a tanning salon, so they get all those metro sexuals phags, and the phags, and the straight people but me and her were talking once and she got mad at me bc a girl asked for my number. anyhow she says baby guys hit on me all the time at work, so i know how it feels. im sorry now, not to get judgmental but my girlfriend isn't in perfectly SEXY 10/10. i mean yes, to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world and i love her with my heart. but she always compares myself to her and says that i always look better, and thats simply because i workout as a passion. and i guess she feels threatened almost? that i workout alot?. yes i trust her. trust me i know the person she is. but any. idk advice? lol maybe i should go on a dreamer bulk of donuts brah?

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