why does my cat have diarrhea runny stool

Treating poop problems in cats offers a frustrating conundrum Б you must first figure out what triggered the diarrhea to treat it, but narrowing down the probable cause may take longer than the diarrhea lasts. Give your cat a few days to see if his poop returns to normal before playing detective. If the diarrhea lasts longer than two or three days, think of any changes to your cat's routine or diet that may explain the change in poop.

Calm your stressed cat with additional attention and calming pheromones, and switch your cat's food back to a previous brand if you've changed it suddenly. Introduce any new food brand slowly by mixing it with his old brand to help him get used to it. Gradually increase the amount of new food and decrease the old over time so the change isn't such a shock to your cat's system. The frustrating truth is that you may never know what caused the diarrhea in the first place, and can only try to minimize the effect it has on your cat through diet change or medications.
Give your cat the prescribed medication.

Bring your cat into a small room and shut the door. Hold your cat firmly in your left arm (if you're right-handed) and wrap her in a towel like a cocoon if she will let you. Give the medicine using a syringe (or eyedropper) at the side of the catБs mouth and administer a little at a time.

Make sure the cat is swallowing the medicine and not just letting it drip out. Your veterinarian should include a syringe or eyedropper when they dispense liquid medications. It never hurts to ask for a second one just in case you need a back up. You may want to give your cat a second syringe with a small amount of room temperature water to swallow: this will help clear the medicine taste from his mouth.

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