why does justin bieber wear a dog tag

As much as it kills me to admit it, Justin Bieber s music is so catchy I can t stop listening to it! His style that s another story. I already know he ll never get rid of his signature haircut, but can he please change things up a bit and stop always wearing dog tags? Above he s sporting
($2,550), which has a pave black diamond tag totaling 2. 68 carats hanging off a 22 sterling silver necklace.

A waste of perfectly fine diamonds if you ask me! I just don t get the appeal of dog tags other than for pets or those actually in the military. Is this what kids these days think makes them look tough??

What do you think about dog tags? Snob or Slob? Justin Bieber opened up to BOP! about the very special dog tag he always wears around his neck: A fan actually gave it to me. It was someone very special to them that had passed away in the wear and this was his dog tag.

I wear it for the fans. Justin admitted that he was speechless that a fan would give him such a personal gift. Justin revealed that he receives hundreds of letters and packages a day from fans: A lot of girls are making me scrapbooks and spend a lot of time on them.

They re really nice and I read every one of them! He also loves to give people gifts: I took my mom to Universal Studios in Florida. It was awesome. I played in front of a theater [in Canada] and raised $3,000 in one summer! source:oceanup. com

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