why does my chihuahua have bad breath

You love your Chihuahua, but you can t stand their breath! P It s a problem many dog owners face, and here are some simple answers to help you combat your dog s bad breath. First, it is important to rule out any dental issues with a veterinary check up. P Chihuahuas, like other small breeds, have a LOT of teeth in their tiny mouths. P This can cause crowding and therefore allow for an increase in plaque and gingivitis. P Too much bad bacteria in the mouth will lead to infections. P These infections will not only cause your Chihuahua to have bad breath, but they can also cause tooth loss, bone loss, and even death (this occurs from a severe infection caused by periodontal disease in the form of sepsis a bacterial infection in the bloodstream)! In between check-ups with your veterinarian, you can combat bad breath (and plaque and bacteria) by brushing your Chihuahua s teeth at home. P Simply purchase a
and and brush at least once daily. P We also have a FREE download with FIVE easy recipes to make your own doggie toothpaste: Don t want to share your email with us? That s okay! We really, really want to share our easy DIY doggie toothpaste recipes with you, so you can access the recipes instead with a social share: Something else to consider, is what you feed your Chihuahua.

P While your Chihuahua might prefer wet or canned food, softer foods do not help scrape off plaque or stimulate the gums as well as dry foods. P If you do not want to switch foods, then try adding raw baby carrots to your Chihuahuas diet to help keep their teeth and gums healthier. P Allowing your Chihuahua to chew on and can also help promote healthier teeth and gums. Lastly, you can try adding to your Chihuahuas diet to rule out any digestive issues that may be contributing to their bad breath. P Another simple addition for occasional bad breath is! Your dog is an invaluable companion and a daily source of joybut what the halitosis is that smell? Dog breath has sullied many a memorable momentnot just between dog lovers and their pets, but when the adorable animal first meets a friend or family member. When an introduction to your pooch is punctuated by the noxious odor of bad dog breath, it makes a lasting, nausea-inducing impression. When everything else about your doggy is delightful, how do you combat this olfactory assault? Here are our top 10 tips and tricks for dealing with deadly dog breath: Dog breath: the good, the bad, and the unhealthy The first place to start is the water bowl. Bacteria that causes bad breath builds up in an absence of moisture, so fresh water at least three times a day will help, and hydration is important for general health.

You may share your canines carnivorous appetites, but the same thing mom told you repeatedly as a child applies to the pooch: you need to eat your vegetables. Carrots in particular help remove plaque. Check whats in that dog food youre using and make sure its a combination that includes vegetables and rice. By [CC-BY-2. 0 (http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by/2. 0)], via Wikimedia Commons Tartar builds up on teeth and gums, so bones and other healthy chew toys will help get rid of it and accompanying odors that accumulate. Make sure its not a bone that will splinter or hurt, and replace them when theyre small enough to swallow. 4. Break out the brush Youre not the only one who needs to brush their teeth; domesticated dogs need a good brushing, but paws cant perform the task. Thats where you come in. Getting the hang of this and establishing routine might be a chore, but it ought to be done daily if possible. If you have a stubborn dog that wont tolerate it, use a water additive like Biotene to fight plaque and bacteria growth. Learn more in our post about. 5. An apple a day Curiously enough, what keeps the dentist away from humans might help Fido.

See if sharing a golden delicious or your favorite apple gets to the core of your dog breath problem. 6. Try Home Remedies You might not want to deal with a lot of manufacturedor expensivepet products, so start with kitchen solutions. Margosa leaves, coriander, dill, or peppermint leaves might be slipped into doggys diet as a natural mouthwash. Some people even cook, cool, and offer their dog tea. Check out for more household tricks. 7. Purchase Products You might need to invest in preferred pet products to keep the halitosis at bay. Dental sticks and chews are available at most pet stores; are a popular brand. Since 80% of bad breath relates to the tongue, not teeth, a tongue-scrubbing solution like might do the trick. 8. Move the litter box Part of the reason your dogs breath might smell like crap is, frankly, because theyre eating it. Many canines are natural scavengers and consuming feces is in their nature. If you have a cat in the house, that litter box is like a doggy dessert tray. Keep it in a place only kitty can access. When you walk the dog, steer them clear of the poo-poo platter. By (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3. 0 (http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-sa/3. 0)], via Wikimedia Commons 9.

Start young Whether its a tooth-brushing regimen, enforcing the right diet, or training your pooch to pass up the poop, the earlier the better. The older a dog gets, the more resistant theyll be. Educate yourself with, and other sources, and introduce healthy routines at the puppy stage. 10. Dont just treat the symptom The simple fact is that if your dog has bad breath, you want it to go away. Thats not bad, but it might be selfish. Simply covering up a breath issue might blind you to something more serious. Problems might range from tooth infection to tumor, even kidney or liver disease, so dont pave over the odor issue at the expense of regular veterinary examinations. In most cases, so ask your vet to help identify the issue, small or large. Last but not least, bad breath goes both ways. When youre kissing your canine friend youre not the only one with a nose, so keep up your own oral hygiene! Your dog will appreciate not having to deal with horrendous human breath. The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional veterinary help. Top image by Naomi Ibuki (joy) [CC-BY-2. 0 (http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by/2. 0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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