why does my dog poop on the couch

Did he poop in the middle of the night? Perhaps he tried to alert you of his need to go outside but you were sound asleep? and please don t ever spank your dog. he is not a child. he is an animal. they don t understand abstract ideas like punishment. you need to learn how to communicate with him in dog language. when you punish a dog hours after they have done something, all they know is that you are suddenly being agressive with them right then and there. dogs live in the moment. they are not thinking, oh she did that because of what I did this morning. that is human deduction. dogs do not possess that thought process. all they know is that you are hitting them and they have no idea what for. it is especially bad if you call them over and them give them a swat or whatever because now you are training your dog to believe it is a bad thing to come to you when you call them and just end up confusing the poor animal. if he ever relieves himself again and you catch him in the act - just take him outside quickly, let him finish and then praise and pet the hell out of him. they naturally don t want to pee/poop where they live. instinctively, that attracts predators. its more about that than anything else. other than that, take him outside often to do his business, even if you don t think he needs to. indoor dogs hold it in too long IMO and should be taken out as often as possible.

More often than not, every time you do take him out, they will at the very least urinate.
Was this your first business trip away from Mojo or is this something you need to do on a frequent basis?

If the answer is the first. that is most likely the reason he poopied and teeteed on your furniture.

Even if it was 2. 5 months ago that you took your trip. to him it's recent. Contrary to popular opinion. dogs hold grudges just like people tend to do. Mommy left meeee. take THIS mommy!! (in a manner of speaking). Dogs are brilliant, but they don't have the capacity to reason in entirety like humans can. He doesn't know you went on a business trip and were not able to take him with you. All he knows is that you walked out the door without him and didn't come back for a week. so he's Teed off, and he's making sure you know it. lol!

If it's the latter of the two. perhaps the first reason would still be applicable. He probably just missed you a great deal, and was perturbed that you didn't take him with you (I know it couldn't be helped, things happen). Maybe it would help next time, if you brought back a TON of goodies with you just for Mojo. Bully Sticks. toys. squeakers. treats. chews, etc. At least then he would associate your return with something VERY positive instead of focusing on seeking revenge by pottying on your couch(es).

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