why does my cat huff and puff

What does it
mean when my cat blows from her nose loudly? At first I thought it was just an
attempt at blowing out something stuck in her nose, but that is not it. I have two cats, and both exhibit this behavior, usually when they are concentrating on something and seem to be annoyed or vexed by something like a fly they are trying to catch or something like that. I have also noticed this behavior when I am playing with them. They do this and then walk away. I have two
cats myself and they both display this heavy breathing through their nose. From
what I can see it is like a sigh. I see no reason why a cat would not sigh as
we do. I know that sometimes I sigh for no particular reason. There is a train
of thought that it may be related to the heart missing a beat.

This happens to
all of us and is not a sign of illness. If you notice your cat
displaying this behavior at particular times of the year or when chemicals have
been used around the home, then it may be related to that. You say that
they blow hard when they are looking at flies or some other object of prey. So
It could be the cat chatter sound, but this is usually quite distinctive. Although the chatter sound can vary in cats as to how exactly it comes out. Sometimes it is like chattering the teeth for other cats it can be a sort of puffing sound from the nose. I have a video on my site of one cat displaying this sound. Scroll down to the cat chatter video on this page
by: Anonymous My cat does the same thing, I've always had cats and never seen this before.

I also thought it might be a frustration 'huff' based on the fact that it usually happens when she does not get what she wants or when I move her around when she doesn't want to be moved. by: Anonymous my cat does it too. I thought it was a sign of exasperation or frustration, like if I move her from a nice sleeping spot or play with her toy in a way she doesn't like she would do it and walk away. It seems to be a way for her to communicate and now I am rethinking the negative connotation. Can't find any answers online, closest would be the chuffing big cats make as greeting but that's not when my cat does it. Its a little asthmatic sounding, not chattering.

I have a cat that makes a similar sound sometimes. She is indoors only, but will sit by my front door when I have it open with only the screen door closed, and watch for my neighbor s cats. She is very territorial and doesn t like them on her part of the porch. She will literally body-slam the screen door open and chase them off, then come back all puffed up, let herself in (she knows how to open screen doors on her own) and often makes a similar sound like you are describing with your cat. as if to say, (Huff! ) This is MY porch! Stay off!. it s quite funny. Obviously your situation is a bit different, but I wouldn t worry about it, it seems quite normal. Just like people, all cats have different personalities.

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